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The city. The Hamlin county the county of Hamilton three CDC three CPO are two d to the port redevelopment authority Cincinnati USA convention visitors bureau, even your mama was there and announcing their accepting proposals to build a new six hundred room hotel at fifth and Plum that is going to serve the Duke Energy convention center because the existing hotel that serves the convention center. The millennium is ghetto af joining me on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline is council person Amy Murray. She's a chair of economic growth. This is in her purview. I think this is in your purview. Is this your purview? Definitely my purview. Love saying that word purview. That's a good word, isn't it? Purview. Great word purview is a good word. How you doing? How's everything? Just fine. No it word. I really like running amok for some writing muck. A muck to seems like that's a good word. I'm running amok with reckless abandon just frolicking. If you will a Halloween movie, I love all right, there you go. Words. So would you agree that the millennium is getaway? Now, I was in their few years ago in the lobby meetings some people and had the guy had cocktails, and I seemed okay there was ice in liquor. So I was happy. I didn't I never stayed in the millennium. But I from people I heard of stayed there before said it literally is getaway. You know, I think I know one of my favorite words ghetto af. So I think what the millennium what we're hearing from a lot of people that have stayed. There is the rooms are just not where they need to be. And so it's impacting our ability to get conventions. You know, people that are looking at conventions three four five years in the future. Come and look, and they are the hotels and see where they want to stay earned. It just doesn't stack up to what options are in other cities. It's really hurting our ability to attract bit conventions here, and that helps everyone in the city when you have the conventions come here yet the spending on you know, on restaurants on catering on the hotel. It's critical and we've really gone down since two thousand seventeen I think we had thirty seven large conventions and last year, I believe we had twelve large and part of it is this. We don't have the hotels base in one hotel. We have great hotels downtown. But as far as able to track those big conventions, it's hard if you don't have one huge hotel convention hotel. Well, let's look at the dynamics of that there's something like five billion dollars the money on the table here when it comes to conventions, and what they kick back to the local economy in the occupancy tax revenues part of that too comes from the big hotels like the millennium. And so when a thirty or your budget with the county occupancy tax that derives from that to as well. You're talking about leaving a lot of money on the table here. When when you go from thirty conventions to twelve all because the word gets out, and no one wants to stay at this getaway hotel accurately, and it impacts everyone in the industry because you think of all the service workers there that are not working or not having extra hours because we are not getting these conventions. So, you know, the city has looked at it and the port authority and the convention and visitors bureau and said we have to do something. And I know that we've been working with the millennium or the city the county different parts have been trying to the millennium to improve to do whatever we can for that hotel to get to the level where it needs to be to be the standard of a convention hotel in our city, and it's just not happening. So I think everyone has looked okay, we need to go to plan B, then because just saying here and not having a major convention hotel. Just gonna continue to hurt us in the future. What are we doing relative to Columbus and Cleveland? I'd imagine we're well behind them in this well in Columbus has some huge hotels attached to the convention center. They're just building another one thousand room hotel attached to the convention center. So you're right obvious often when we're competing against other hotels and other cities were competing against Cleveland and Columbus because if someone said, okay, we're going to go to the mid west or high. Oh. Oh, either the cities we're competing against and I think we have so much to offer as city. I mean, our downtown, you know, just Lytle and interesting, but we've got to have a place for these people to see that they want to stay right. Amy Murray on acute hearing centers dot com hotline smart, and she's the chair of economic growth for the city, and we're talking about the announcement yesterday from pretty much every big agency, and maybe even developers Cincinnati that they're going to break ground at least put up for proposal request proposals to build a new hotel at fifth and Plum, which would serve the convention center in overshadowing the millennium who doesn't seem to be doing anything and on that no two. I'm looking at a statement from the hotel. Let me read it and brief Dehere here. Amy, and I'm sure you've seen it before we have been proud good corporate citizens of the Cincinnati community for twenty years where we have provided safe in clean rooms at affordable prices. We welcome the opportunity to engage in meaningful and productive discussions on ways to our hotel can continue to be supportive of the long-term vision. And vitale. City of the city of Cincinnati. It sounds to me if I were just going from that release that they've been trying to work with you guys. You guys have not reached up to them to try and come up with a solution. Who's right who's wrong here? Yeah. It would seem that way. From b but but the issue is this has been a problem in the city for a long long time and we've been trying to solve it. And it's not, and you know, that was our one hope that millennium could help fall that. And what's interesting to me as you're the millennium is a great name and hotels and other cities have flagship properties, but that's overseen here. And we're not there's no plans for renovation. There's no plans for improvement. So the city's just got to say, you know, what you can stay then run as a hotel, but we need a world class convention hotel. And you're not stepping up to do that here. So long have you given them? I mean, how long the discussions been going on in reality with the millennium about fixing. I have been going on five years. So it has been going on for a while. And it's interesting. My sister work at the millennium maybe twenty years ago, and it was a different hotel, then but you have to be able to keep it up. And you know, when when these people are coming to look at convention the pros at this the scouts that comes to these big convention. You know, they're looking for five six years out for pros at this. And they're going to look at everything and say as my group going to be happy to come here and stay at this property or out of new property in Columbus or somewhere else. So we have to be able to provide a more number of rooms in one hotel and other great phenomenal hotels downtown, but we just need that one big anchor that will help lift everyone up bring into inventions, and they'll say it all the hotel also, well, I if it's got to be attached to the convention center as well. But in Columbus, for example, they have several hotels that are touched would that mean that if you did this project Amy Murray that that crosswalk from? The millennium would be blown up. John cranley take a sledgehammer to that thing and destroyed symbolically across the streets of Cincinnati or just simply leave it there and let the free market, then decide. Cranley will do but often we let their free market decide on things. But I think what the millennium so our with the new hotel. So they're looking they put out a request for proposal. And if Plum so the parking lot, that's right there in the port authority has taken control and acquired it last year. And so, you know, this is ideal because often in your center city, you don't have that kind of space available. So it's great that we have that space available directly south of mentioned center. So it's right there perfect location. So I'm really glad that we have all these groups are getting together saying, let's do something here. So now we need to see what proposals. We get from other hotels from developers and what we can get. But this would absolutely be a game changer. This would be a game changer for the city of Cincinnati for us being able to attract convention, I really excited and hoping that you know, we get some great proposals. We'll be able to look at them and move forward. And then two and a half three years. We're going to have a world class hotel there. And as I said people are. Booking convention years in advance. So this'll be great because it will help us start to be able to put out convention starting. Now what you're saying is in the next couple of years. We went from thirty conventions last year two years ago twelve last year this year on pace we'd probably be down to six by the time. This thing was ready to go. We'd maybe down to a handful of conventions. And these are what you consider the large conventions that are four hundred beds. We do just fine it because we have enough hotels can support that. But when we're talking about just he's big conventions, and those are the ones that really give Taliban you're downtown area. I mean, you can imagine. When you have ADT thousand people fifteen hundred people coming what it does for the restaurant, everyone in the city. So this is a issue that we've got to get solved tried to do it, you know, with hotel that is currently there, and it's just not working. So hopefully, you know, the millennium will say, hey, this other hotels gonna come in better pick it up. So that we can be competitive that would be great that would be wonderful for the entire city hotel. Options. But we can't wait. We can't wait around. We've got to move on it. You can't it's gonna move forward. Here you give them five years, and they knew and and it's interesting to me that a big hotel ear will come in Amy Murray and build something, you know, six seven eight hundred maybe thousand room hotel, adjacent to the convention center and see the opportunity to make a lot of money there in the millennium has an existing structure. Probably be a lot cheaper to remodel at them certainly cheaper to remodel and then build a new one. But, but they don't want that and businesses a funny thing, I guess they have a prime opportunity here. If I if I looked at and said, well, we're losing revenue here because people are staying at the hotel. Why would you do improvements unless you're just happy filling it up with people who aren't going to conventions and people looking for a budget hotel downtown. Yeah. I I don't know what they're looking at their owned by a company out of Singapore. So it's hard to deal with corporate headquarters because it's so far away not that close contact. But, you know, hopefully, they'll see that another hotel maybe coming and say, you know, what we're gonna do what we can do we really want to compete for that business, which would be great. It'd be wonderful to have two big options right to have that in in the city. So hopefully, soon this thing gets going here too. When there's going to be a lot of bids. I'm sure a lot of interest in as well. In. We'll see some growth as far as the revenues come from hotel motel rental nights as well as food and everything else in it all goes back. Remember, there's like thirty. But I think it's like thirty percent occupancy tax, right? It is pretty high occupancy tax early on if this hotel does get built some of it will go back to help the infrastructure around that area, and it will really transform because if you think about it right across from our convention center, we just have this surface parking lot. So that's probably not the best use of that space. So this will make very dense and really give you know the area and I'm really excited. I hope that we get some great proposals. And hopefully, it helps them Eleni and pick up what they're doing. And we'll have a great, you know, bunch of tells right around the convention. To the millennial hotel because it's ruining everything. Well, you know, you've said is a business person. I can't understand why they lost opportunity if there's no opportunity to think it's declining in Cincinnati. And there's growth because they're building other hotels. I guess at west and elsewhere, and you don't wanna be in Cincinnati. Yeah. Yeah. Then just say, hey, listen, we're out, but but don't act like you're the victim in this whole thing and the free market will say one other final point here. And I almost forgot this to when this whole thing broke Willie's. Good friend, Joe is not allowed to come on my show when Willie is not a year. No, it's it's it's an unwritten rule here at seven hundred wwl w that's Willie's Bobo or maybe he's Willie's Bobo. I'm not sure or Willie's his Bobo more likely. But nonetheless, the the word here is that Joe Diener said he was going to look into a public nuisance declaration towards the millennium hotel. What's the status of that? You know, Joe had made that announcement that he was looking into it. So I don't know if they're still looking into it. But we haven't heard anything sense nothing has happened one way or the other. So it was probably one of those things that get someone's attention. I would guess, and I don't know if they got the attention we've been trying so, you know, by having this huge competition coming in the maybe that's what's going to do it. I don't know. Usually if we're me, and I. Who am I right? But if the prosecutor the biggest county in the area goes, you know, what I'm thinking of filing a nuisance declaration against shutting down your hotel because it's a nuisance property. When the lawyers get involved in there like there's no way he can do that. It's still get my attention. If you're on the right? You don't wanna be on the on the radar of a prosecutor or the legislative buddy? Absolutely. So you know, it just doesn't make a lot of sense and ends. I said we fix this for a long time. There's been a lot of people are working to try and fix this problem. And so it just came to you know, what we're going to have to look at another solution..

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