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You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports radio spent a lot of time talking about Lakers rockets last night you also have a game seven coming up tonight with Celtics and the raptors nuggets in the clippers also going at it a lot of college football this weekend not necessarily great matchups Paulie what is the best most competitive matchup this weekend in college football most competitive. It's not the greatest sleet. But you have some Marquis Teams Yay action. Notre Dame starts with Duke now that doesn't sound like it'd be tough but falls a lot better than it used to be Clemson wake forest doesn't do a lot for. Missouri State Oklahoma new fence. But Duke football is. Not to football from a long time what is the point spread there with Notre? Dame and Duke. And is that at Notre Given Twenty at home? I still do to cover W. do don't don't bet on Chief Sandal the Texans Thirty, four, twenty, Clyde Edwards. Allaire. The H is silent goes for one thirty eight and a touchdown the Lakers three one on the rockets and I would say pretty much done with the rockets there. You start to look at styles and I love to see and we always talk about regular season and postseason. It's the same way with other sports like the NFL. Isn't a style that is sustainable in the postseason like the titans. You know you do that during the regular season nobody notices you do that in the postseason everybody notices because now you're just running the ball down people's throats. San Francisco is a running team last year the colts running team last year the packers are running team last year I. Think the cowboys are going to be more of a running team this year the seahawks are running team. We talk about the proliferation of passers and the numbers here, but you're seeing teams at still wanna run the football need to run the football. And you protect your quarterback that way as well Kansas City last night this the first time I think in Mahomes his career that they ran the ball as much as they did. And you know you're not going to touch him. He got hit three times last night. The team had thirty four rushing attempts. That's the most any game started by Patrick Mahomes. By the way. MAHOMES is Mr September. Now he might be Mr February as well but he has thrown twenty six touchdown passes in the month of September with zero interceptions. He has not lost a game in September. He's now eight no in his career after last night's win. Stead. WHO's asleep at.

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