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The job description there is doing exactly what she did so if there is a tip bernard it's up to the discretion of the customer in this case it's the it's the church but whoever the customers has to make a judgment call ago easy did a little lecture work here's a couple of dollars i don't know what was she expecting a huge tip for that or do i would've 735 books i would have expected maybe a fifty dollar tareb oh that's a lot that's a lot of money they spans yeah but again let's russia's ever money for forever us at the beginning he said you don't twenty percent them met two year that isn't twenty producer would have been one hundred and forty dollars yeah that's too much i said fifty bucks even that seemed high in a deal like bad spokeswoman for outback steakhouse told the washington post excuse me the palm beach post tour thriller alienated it'll make the story better if you do with australia exit crikey she said it's come putty policy made not to allow employees either iras without explosion media they can't post about shrimps on the bobby you added there um so they're outback says you know we don't want our employees post on social media right customers and no specifics it makes everybody look prayer at right but she didn't mention outback she mention all the research oh so then um the executive director of business for christ fellowship church called the restaurant to say you know hey we saw this on social media and the guy says we didn't call the heffer fired we wanted to get the.

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