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For a throwing another great sequence by the switchbacks. They keep getting those rolling. They're going to find the back of the net sooner rather than later. Yeah, they're forcing such high turnovers. They're putting sporting Kansas City to under all kinds of pressure when they try to play out this one they want in the corner, once again, sliding that ball through to Haji Berry, who is running the channel. So after the throwing switchbacks retreat to their side of the field to try and regain their shape. Michael Edwards brings it across but the midfield stripe Sends it out to the far side of the field kept in play by switchbacks FC. Now the dribble it up now, just outside the box, though try across and that one was deflected out by a Casey defender, but it will result Another corner. Kick This one A pike's Peak National Bank corner kick bank. Well be well cheer loud, with Pikes Peak National Bank so already to corner kicks. Here in the first five minutes of this match. Switchbacks have come out ready to play here tonight, and it'll be Sebastian Anderson taking this corner kick. As he did the first one just needs a little bit more lift on this one. Try to find some of the players that are sort of queuing around the penalty spot for the switchbacks, and I'm genuinely curious who they're targeting. On situations like this is the ball is sent and headed out by sporting KC a return shot coming in from the switchbacks off Jose Torres is nowhere close and I'll be out. For a goal kick. You know, in years past, there were guys like Jamal Jack's The one that immediately comes to mind rolling of a guy that can just go up and get it. I'm not saying that the switchbacks don't have that. We just haven't seen them enough to know who that guy is who, though target on a regular basis, and when I was out of training this week They were certainly working on this, and I think it's going to be ah little bit by committee until they find someone that can consistently win. Ball's in the box. Yeah, obviously, they have the two center backs that you're seeing tonight. Oxford and Edwards, who are pretty imposing in the air, but they don't have that one player that you would like, sort of Cheon. So I think the switchback says a lot about deception. A lot about movement. You've seen it there. For the first couple of corner kicks for the switchbacks, quick runs to the near post trying to create some space trying to open things up, maybe behind up player that's making that run to the near post. So far, they haven't had any success from set pieces. But as you said, that is something that they will work on a look to make right as the season goes on off the goal kick. There was a foul by mocking villa in the middle of the field. So be a free kick and then immediately turned over here Come the switchbacks again. Alina out wide to the near side. Sensitive of the box of this was gonna end up in the back of the net. Aston doing with the goal. How about him? The local product in every sense in the word taps it in in front and the switchbacks have taken their first lead of the season. It's taken six minutes, but nothing can stop the U. S. Air Force Austin Doing what a finish. He's at the back post crashing in there, making a wonderful run forward Once again, the switchbacks, forcing a high turnover. Gleaners ball went all the way through to the back post. Osten doing was their bundles at home one Nothing switchbacks FC What a sequence and we kept saying, you know, if they keep at it, If they keep pressuring this team's gonna break and certainly enough they do Austin doing With his first goal of the season in the switchbacks now Take a one nil lead and this will be a situation that we have not seen from the switchbacks in the regular season. Having a lead you know, Sporting Kansas City is going to come out trying to equalize quickly as Off the kickoff, the sporting Kansas City to loses that out on the near side. They will get it back, though, because it was tapped out by the switchback. So here's sporting KC too. Hacking into the field. And as I say that they send it back across midfield, eighth minute here in Kansas City, and it is a one nothing switchbacks lead and now nearly another turnover loose ball going to the near side who touched it last it will be switchbacks FC Getting the throwing here. The Austin doing, forcing the turnover just sliding in from that wide position, make a challenge in the center of midfield switchbacks deserve this lead. They've been pushing really high up the field, putting sporting Kansas City under all kinds of pressure. I can't remember more than two or three passes that sporting Kansas City to have been able to Complete inside the switchbacks half and that's all because of their swarming defense. Well, the switch banks take it away once again at midfield. They're not letting sporting Kansas City do much of anything here early in the game entry pass into the box cleared out by sporting KC and they'll try to send it down the field on the far side. No such luck. There's the switchbacks regain possession. Switchbacks with the one Nil lead Austin doing the Air Academy High School Product Air Force Academy grad with the first goal of the season for the switchbacks. Reversing Fields Now is Colorado Springs. So end up going out just out of the reach of me, she Galina and a throwing coming For sporting KC too. Jose Torres, just trying to swing that ball over to the near side for Galina. Galina has been a constant outlet for the switchbacks. We talked about him how impressive. He was in that defeat in San Antonio for the switchbacks a couple weeks ago. And Galina already with the assist today for the switchbacks. It will be a throwing on the near side of the field for sporting KC, too, and now jumping in front of the past with Jimmy Oxford, but I think they're going to get him for Handball as he came in from nowhere to get that ball by. Just think it kind of hopped up on him and hit his hand in the referee blew the whistle there, so stay with sporting KC Now they'll try to angle it away from where Jimmy Oxford might come from..

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