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To follow the events again london as more details become available but we do know that several people were hurt after a vehicle ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians one person has been detained we do not know yet if this was a terror attack we'll have more information for you as soon as we get it meanwhile president trump not offering any clarification on cryptic comments made to reporters earlier this week the president possibly referring to coming military action abc's gloria riviera has more from washington the white house has yet to fully explained the president's cryptic comments last week regarding a calm before the storm that is how he referenced his meeting with top military leaders at the white house everything is press the president and the press secretary to clarify these comments come amid escalating tensions with north korea and the administration's expected decertification of the nuclear deal with iran lawyer with your abc news washington closer to home deputies question two teenagers about a brush fire that threaten the neighborhood graham investigators say the fourteen and fifteen year olds have not been arrested they live near the spot where the fire first started yesterday afternoon flames came within a few feet of some homes maria are matthew garcia evacuated bear iran side they're the fire now the brush fires out this morning rain helped with a hot spots overnight families who were evacuated are now back home a judge sentenced to nineteen year old who admitted to try to record women in the locker room of the ballard pool two one day in jail rory carlsson will also have to register as a sex fenner spent twenty nine days doing work release and community service in court on friday he gave a tearful apology nizar my coworkers friendship choice the you had me officials say carlsson admitted to hiding a cellphone in the.

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