Tim Blanks, Founder And Ceo, Ron Ahmed discussed on The Business of Fashion Podcast


In. The momentum that change cannot be diverted cannot still it must roll on and I think fashion has to be part of that. What do you make of this digital fashion week? That's just happened. And how long do you think that has real legs? We've taken out of the actual physical experienced fashion show. With given this other, not physical human insight into why people do what they do and how they do. That by mood, then the finding. Shen. Hi, this is Ron Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and welcome to the podcast. Each season after fashion Mumbai. Sit Down with Tim planks, and we hash out what we've learned what we've observed and what we've taken away from the latest season, a fashion shows of course this season was completely different, but it was still worth having a catch up with Tim to explore. Fashion goes from here here's. Tim Blanks inside fashioned. Everybody a welcome to be oh ethel lives. I'm here with.

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