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Big tech's use of student data. New Mexico's Hector balderas joins us next for our EdTech series. This is Bloomberg. Are you interested in a challenging and exciting career when you can be part of solving complex challenges across industries and geographies, Bloomberg's ever expanding technology, data and news and media services, foster innovation, empower clients, and offer nearly limitless opportunities for career growth, visit Bloomberg dot com slash careers today to view our current job opportunities. Bloomberg LP is an equal opportunity employer. The address once again is Bloomberg dot com slash careers. You know the difference between your bank and the banking business. Can you achieve executive will take the bank in a different direction? Your clothes in the fashion industry. This is the new look of retail. Your house and the real estate market. Is that something you see reflected in the real estate business? So do we. Bloomberg for your professional side. Is the U.S. really that immune to some of those influences? Bloomberg radio, the Bloomberg business radio dot com and diehard radio apps and Bloomberg radio dot com. Bloomberg, the world is listening

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