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Months sentence for home invasion burglary. Larceny and possession of someone else's credit card without consent officials say the camps are generally for minimum security inmates who were set. To be released within two years Zeki will dare apparently couldn't wait rob Archer KNX. Ten seventy NewsRadio There's a. Kind of battle in Orange County it's over implementation of sex education That addresses the needs of LGBTQ students, a lot of teach the program went into effect back. In two thousand sixteen but it still hasn't been implemented. In some school districts yet the. Board of education member Ken Williams tells. KNX emotions are high over this subject we're seeing, good people from both sides everybody's demonizing them boy who was at one another and you know we're trying to hold on sounds professionals and Colegio, and trying to have a civil. Debate and. Discussion at a public board meetings and everybody's getting very emotional office. Something material, the board will hold a, forum on the issue that's in September an attorney though with the ACLU says it's deeply concerning the. Law hasn't been implemented two years after it. Was supposed to go into effect There's an alarm being sounded. About growing numbers of older people who. Are becoming homeless in LA county stats show a, surge of more than twenty percent in the past year of people over sixty two years old becoming homeless Randy Orton is where Saint Barnabas senior, services she tells us many senior..

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