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We're really good at switching i'm really good at going like refer this it was like oh man i a quarter that youths asked molina saw a really tired i don't know what if not all it let where did they come from and i thought that i was driving home and then all in wait wait shifted shifted okay wait notes in the really fine it's gonna be really easy people are gonna love it i mean you are not doing it all the law we just don't realize regrets shifty that negative thoughts look is waiting entrepreneurs excessive gotten so good its gotten so good at switching issue a new thought about that so when it's all about with it's funny was aside the osce so begins on your like no other white arch on an icy all woodside is probably the nail dui what meditating you're voting on becoming more conscious these were i can really guard ship good lord a justic with woods add like got rounded swipes at seoul's are deeply as i could say before it would be like back dole it just groans indicate seeding that dog eat stating that goal ended i become dubbed one as well short that shrinking if if you've you've trust as humans it's it's they say it was proven that are natural state is actually not very is supposed to be the worst case scenario in very depressing actually it i remember reading that begin that's not obviously how i live or and i want to live in also i'm constantly battling not your awfully badly not everyone listening this your human being on this planet you're constantly every single day in the moment you wake up adelaide can i change this moment or this thought ends you a negative to a positive odds so crappy outs day okay well hey you an opportunity to be inside induce developing secure retried by i guess it's gratuity jew is being grateful and it's trying to find the good of everything you're doing ends sometimes in business especially when you're starting building a brown starting in that's really hard to do because you've got nothing but maybe you're negative family and friends not it's really going to get a mentor that can help you do this listen i know you have a lot of these negative gremlins in your brain right now but what is.

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