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What I would have liked to see is some additional thoughtfulness around what are the implications if we proceed with this policy, the idea that you wanna have a policy that respects, the sanctity of our border, I think is important, but that has implications. And one of those implications is what you do when people come across as an entire family had additional. Thought and effort been put into this question of how do we deal with the children, vis-a-vis the parents and look. Maybe there was thought given to this. I'm not on the inside on this issue, so I don't know. But my sense is that there was a little bit of catch-up going on, and that's unfortunate because it did tarnish the policy and it made it much more difficult to make articulate argument for why one might wanna zero tolerance policy might be important to say, look, our border is our border and we're going to enforce it regardless of of the circumstance. So I do think that this is one area where the administration probably could have used a little bit more time and energy on the thought about what the second and third order consequences worth of policy. And I think sometimes focusing on the policy forget just the impact on the people. I mean, it's been a humanitarian problem for thousands of people and the trauma that might follow these kids for years, and let's not forget that the notion of there being difficulty around separations at the border. This predates this administration. There have been other administered. Nations where there have been crises of the border. Now they've handled it differently. It's been for different reasons that the crisis was created, but the border and immigration issues continued to perplex policymakers. We cannot seem to arrive at a permanent good fix for immigration system. I think it's a shame we spoke recently for my story on h. successes policy shop known as Ashby. The assistant secretary for planning and evaluation on the story was about some reports that have come out recently from the Trump administration Ashby that have been questionable projecting positive benefits from rolling back the reports that got killed because they would have been undermining the Trump administration policies in different way. You gave me some context on on Espy is a former person saying, quote, I don't believe the Trump administration Espy has put out reports that are a less analytically or methodologically rigorous than those of the Obama administration Ashby. And you also clarified that you don't look to ask me as an. Independent source for analysis, saying, quote, that's why we have studies from academics and analysts outside of government. So looking at your HHS, should we have trusted the reports that the George W Bush administration Ashby published? I think you have to put all of these reports in context, whether it's reports from Ashby from within government reports from the outside. Frankly, the role of Ashby is to promote the administration's health policy agenda. Now, obviously, you want it done in a sincere and thoughtful and yes, analytically accurate way. I don't believe that there has been anything. This administration has put out that does not meet those criteria that having been said, I think they've got an agenda. Absolutely. I think the Obama administration asked me had an agenda. The Bush administration asked me had an agenda and anybody who sees Ashby for anything more than that. A little naive because the role of that office is fundamentally to promote the president's policies. And I think if you see it as a neutral arbiter of whether a policy is good or bad, you're probably looking to the wrong place. So I think there is a role for people on the outside to be critical of what the administration is saying. And so far I think there has been criticism in spades of this administration. So I don't think there's a lack of perspective. I just think that people who say that they disagree with the methodology or disagree with the framing of reports coming out this administration, probably more disagree with the findings then with anything else. So I, I would just be realistic about what to expect from offices like Ashby about a year ago. Abbe put out analysis of the consumer freedom amendment, the Ted Cruz back rule that was going to create to risk pools and it was very positive on the impact of that on the market..

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