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It and we talked earlier about how Clemson for a long time was doing. Almost all of its recruiting locally really. Is that still the case. We've seen that change over the last few years there are now able to go to any part of the country in recruit some of the best players Last last year they signed a five star Receiver Joseph Nada from California and that was the first California recruit they had signed since nineteen ninety. One they come back a year later and the highest rated quarterback in the country. This year was a kid from southern California. Dj Younger Lali Show Man. This guy hit really household. Name is the limit. I'm a nonsmoker. Limited Clemson University. He could have gone anywhere. He chose Clemson. He's flying across the country to go play college at Clemson so they've certainly extended their recruiting brand nationally. They are going to sign. Find the number one class in the country this year for the first time and that's a little bit scary to the rest of the country because they've already had all the success and only now are they landing even even better recruits than they did before and also the university itself applications to Clemson have increased since Davo became the coach and in particular out of state implications have increased with each year of this of the football team and all the exposure. They're bringing to the school more and more kids from around. The country are applying to of that school and so is it fair for Daboh to still call his team Lillo Clemson. I think when people hear him say that or somebody else who clumps and say that they're they're suggesting that the program itself is little all Clemson. Nobody believes that everybody at this point knows they're a powerhouse. They're playing for a national championship. That if they win it'll be their thirtieth straight win and along the way they've beaten Alabama they beat Notre Dame. There'd be it Ohio state now they've gone. LSU To me Lil Clemson is the school in the town and Yes they truly still are relative to other football powerhouses very little very regional Very secluded and obviously not as big TV must see TV branded as some of the other blue bloods in the sport so Stewart Clemson is obviously asleep. This historically great run over the past five years but given how many things are working against them is still a sort of fragile program. I think at this point Dabo Swinney has made this a pretty recession proof. Program certainly helps that. They're in a conference where I think even a down year for Clemson might involve evolved losing one. ACC game or two ACC Games in terms of daboh possibly leaving. That was something that I think was a more legitimate fear at the beginning. Hang of this run and in particular relative to one school. Alabama dabble is a former Alabama walk on receiver. He coached Alabama. But but at this point given the program he's built there. I don't think anybody believes he would leave for Alabama he. What is Alabama how to offer? The clemson doesn't at this point wait. They're they're achieving all the same things Alabama is in more so I think he'll be there for as long as he wants to be there that doesn't mean they couldn't have a take a step back back at some point I mean almost every dynasty eventually ends and it's because they have recruiting class that doesn't pan out or off-the-field stuff gets them a scandal. Could that happen it clumps in sure But at this point I don't think they're fragile. I think they're they are rock. Solid rock solid a program as any in the country at this point and if clemson defies the odds and wins against Lsu on Monday what will that mean four award the programs reputation going forward if Clemson wins this game given Alabama didn't even make the playoffs this year to me. That at that point question over Clemson is the King of college football. I assume they will be preseason number one whether or not they win this game on Monday night but I also assume zoom that we get to next season People will want them to prove it all over again and rip rip them for playing in the ACC and all those things. We'll see maybe this will finally the National Championship. That puts it over the top well Stewart. Thanks for joining US and If clemson does win hope you get to be right next to Davos these dancing that that would be awesome. Thank you for having me. You can read Stewart Mandel story about the Clemson in Tigers on the athletic dot com. Here's some other stories. We're following at the lead some bad news if you're a vikings fan wide wide receiver and wildcard game hero. Adam feeling is now questionable for the forty niners game on Saturday after injuring his ankle at practice and getting stitches But feeling vowed to play on preparing for Saturday and and like. I said I'm going to do what it takes to help the team win. And whatever that is whatever. That role is I'm GONNA me out there and and do my thing and listen. The Vikings are going to need all the help they can get with that niners defense. Especially if Richard Sherman lining up on the other side of Felim meanwhile seventy sixers star. Joel embiid gross out earlier. This week with a gruesome sideways finger injury. Yeah he did so embiid who exited earlier with an issue. In your mind we see with that. Is yesterday the big man was diagnosed with a torn ligament. I mean I could have told you that and we'll be reevaluated. After having surgery and finally the IOC announced on Thursday that Olympic athletes at the Tokyo Games are banned from displaying any political messaging aging including science or armbands and gestures of a political nature like a hand gesture or kneeling. So basically Iot doesn't want any kind of political controversy at at the Games. Yeah Good luck with that. And why are they announcing this now so it seems to be a response to an incident involving two American athletes at the Pan Am games last year a fencer who took checking me and a hammer thrower who raised a fist and the US Olympic Committee asked the IOC after that happened to clarify its rules. We'll we'll see if it works. If you like our show. Please give us a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe. We're available on Apple. PODCASTS spotify cast box and every major listening APP from wondering and the flick. I'm under skelter and I'm beat the Davidson CEO. Next Week.

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