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Sometimes will give us. Who? You got a window. Let's look at the weather. Let's get a fresh. Copy of the weather here. Temperature is about. Hold on. Here comes twenty five. It's gonna be a cold walk home. Today. We have cold weather. It'll be sunny, but cold it's not going to get much higher than it is now I twenty five to thirty feel like single digits and teens. Tonight. It's gonna be ten across some suburbs. Saturday up to thirty Sunday clouds giving way to some sun. I wonder how it'll be in the mountains. Arlington near twenty four twenty five Weymouth the same. So that's Jenny's Tom Jenny you're at twenty five. I'm going to tell you about more about Woodstock, but I'm gonna tell you about Woodstock ninety nine and the things that went wrong. So we have Melinda. Melinda in Quincy who also waited 'til the last guns fired as my mother would say before. Really, I was kinda busy. But I did want to get one in before the weekend. Good. Let's see. I just want to get some things on animals wise, you know, because that's my number one thing thanks to Doug for that about the saying about the cows. You know, how they whenever milked all the time. And I I can't stand the thought of that. I do hope they do get to grace. I'm gonna look into that. He was saying something about well. He doesn't drink it. And he's saying something free range milk or something or grain fed cows. Yeah. So I'm wondering if there's a free range milk because I I want to look into this. 'cause I'm interested in this very much. I don't I don't think the unions. It's weird to humans drink some other animals. Up with it. You know, it's weird. You can you eat a cookie without milk? It's just we really if you're going to drink milk. It should be human milk. I. It's made for you. It is. I know. But no, that's not. I don't wanna do the cows. Even I mean, I'm getting to the point. I don't know here weird. We don't want our own. Because we have pain in the neck to get human milk because you can't really hook up. Raking machines. You have to drink the cow milk. And that's that's made that's made for an animal with four stomachs. Okay. Right. Well, if I just wish that, I just can't stand the idea like being on those machines all day night in. I mean day in day out. They gotta be out in the grass. I thought of it. It's just telling me. What about jeez? Yeah. All of it. It's just it's just we'll least I'm on the meat kick. And I'm doing that. And I don't eat bacon or any of that stuff. I just I'm just trying. My best one day to time. Like you say. Since since I eat chickens is to chickens don't give milk because then we could have chicken milk and get all from one animal. I just wanna tell you. I think it's awesome. That you you've done this. I think that every little bit helps, and I think the fact that you're not eating meat is is a step in the right direction for everybody. I think it's good to do. It doesn't matter. If you're not giving up everything, I just I think at least you try I know well and also some people give me a hard time for saying. I'm not gonna eat beef chicken. Really the same time. You come on isn't a chicken a step down. I know. It's right at the cow is a lot of soul. House actually, very affectionate. And then very social animals, and I do know one chicken, and he's you know, is is cool. Oh, let's face it. I mean, if I saw when I see chickens turkeys, and if they were gonna panel something I'd be thinking, oh my God. I wouldn't want to eat them and little chickens or adorable, and I it, but when it comes down to chicken, my doctor said you really do need protein. So it's like you can get protein from kinds of stuff like you can get it from other things. So I just I'm I'm doing my best. But I'm like like you said the chicken you'd think of is not as bad, but still they should they should not live in cruel conditions. Anybody? Don't go to Kentucky Fried Chicken because they they keep chickens in a horrible horrible way. In other words, stacked on top of each other in cages. And they're not allowed to move in that whole thing. And so that's out, but it's still places that, you know, have a bomb. The the chickens are allowed to walk around and everything. But even that at the end of the day. I don't feel they deserve to die. I just don't I don't. I just don't think it's right for me to say, well, you can die, and you can't fish. About fish? I I don't see a problem with fish. However, I will say I don't like when they go out on a boat, and they take all these fish, and they let him out of the net. And they just they they they can't breathe. Yeah. In other words, water smothering basically to death. I would be better off if I didn't eat fish because now fish poisoned as well. Most all fish has chunks of plastic dad, plastic in it and also the mercury and all that stuff. Getting the turtles everybody get to getting plastic nets on themselves. And it just I just can't stand it. I I actually went to suit knock recently just about a week ago. And I got bought a bunch of those bags. They sell like canvas type thing. So I could do only got five and say, well, they started throwing stuff in the plastic bags. I said, no, no, no, no. And I got a bunch of kind of you know, you can reuse reuse reuse. So I'm starting to really get on the wagon. They're doing things, right. I go shopping a little bit every day being doing the walking thing as a vantage that I have a backpack. And I go to the store every day and get a days with food every day, and I don't even need any shopping bags. Oh, yeah. Well, well, I've got these now. So everything's cool. Because whatever I get is going to go into these bags, and I wanted to mention I'm glad Jenny talked about it because I was going to bring up the little dog. And I said, I better be careful. You're probably going to be like why did I ever bring up the little dog because? How's the little dog? I got to tell the folks we're talking about a little dog that I know who I would come home. He was out. And I assumed that he'd been all night. After checking into it. In general. No. And because I on nights when I stay up all night. Now, I check check check on these cold nights. And we'll see. Well, like, she said, I would be willing also to call for you. Yeah. I totally would do. I would do it. I will do it. No problem. So have you ever want that done? Just let me know you guys got my back. Thank you. Yes. Yeah. In the little dogs back definitely rally. What what else was the? Oh. So we don't see. Let's see. Oh. And I want to mention the girl Christie called she talking before about the t shirt, and she was so sweet because she said, I just make them just she said she wanted a v neck, and I said, let's not get into all that. Let's just do the cronut simple. And she she agreed. And then she brought up last week about Peter. And maybe you could get them and see what they're up to. And then of course, is or the ASPCA she made say or the World Wildlife Fund any one of those, you know. Okay. Would be good to talk to. So that's that's my thing on the animals right now to tell my daughter told me one night, she said she'd go into a Bowie a Bowie being tribute than-thank. Young americans. It was it was going be the phone to road by. I went. I heard you start time. I said oh my God. I met the call and tell him about this thing. And she I said what I so. I asked her how it wasn't. He she said she liked it a lot. And I I mentioned. Yeah. He he liked it too. And then she said she's seeing them off with the mid midway. Cafe. Okay. Yeah. So she's sharp. She's she's so anyway, so she was at your data was at the same place. I was. Yeah. I was like God. I wish I was there because I wouldn't mind seeing that either. And she said, well, maybe next time. At dances might she sings too like I do. So she shakes to get up and sing and stuff husband plays guitar. So all that. Yeah. A lot of music in my brother does drums so on the girl on on the girl's name God I had so many can I give you a feel about dawn's. We're talking about our contest. We we were trying to find song titles with the girl's name for every letter of the alphabet. Go ahead. Let's go. With a Angie Rolling Stones. Aubrey from bread. Oh, yeah. You love bread. I like bread. Yeah. Mantech? But I say, you're. And Sylvia's mother s Dr John Dr hook. Don't do it safer clear. Sullivan. Okay. Yeah. And then there was several Leyla by Eric Clapton. I had megi made. I Rod Stewart and baby. Jane, Rod Stewart, Billy Jean Michel Jackson. I- brandy or a fine girl looking glass, I had so many, Shannon, which I've told you about before by Henry garage. It's about a dog a dog that drowned. But but it's it's a nice song. So oh Delilah. By Tom Jones, who you mentioned the other night. What we got that one? I know. But this also plain white t's Delilah. Oh, okay. Know that one. Plain white t's was that a band. Yeah. Blame my teeth. They saying Hello. Delilah. Looking. Goes like. Newburgh kinda new but not all that new probably about five years. I haven't even I'm out of. Maybe you haven't heard this song because that's not your thing. But I know people out they've heard Delilah by. Oh, play white teeth. But they have that song too. So I can ask you a question. What would you think it's some of the other night? How wouldn't it be cool? If we could go out, and you were talking to was a Ken from me. Kenny remain poor guy. I just my heart. When you Kenny I I know. Pressed with how together he is. At least you seem great. He's crazy. Re I got diagnosed in two thousand one. Luckily, they found it and took care of it. So you know, but any anyway, I wish him the best some. At some point not not this week. But maybe next week. Kenny, if you're listening then few ever in the mood, not to talk about the physical part. But to talk about the mental part. Yeah. What it was like as leading up to the diagnosis. Like your worries what it was like. When you found out like in that room. What happened? Me for me. I'll tell you once you've been told that word, you always think that jeeze is this going gonna come back. You have to go like every four years and be checked to see if it's it's somewhere else did a comeback. So it's something even never leaves. You thought of it? Maybe I haven't navies come back. I mean, it's awful because you think it might come back. But thank God. I mean, this was in two thousand one and it's not yet. I don't want to jinx myself. I say that. But but yeah. So that was. He's a good guy. But I was gonna ask you quickly. Do you saying you guys say about going out and feeling young again? What makes I think it brings back the memories of when we were young. And for me a lot of it with disco. I wonder if we could ever get anybody to bring that back and play in a club. We know school seventies. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, like Casey was sunshine being a lot of BG's. Either way. I revisited the song Massachusetts by the BG's and the live version. I like it. I like it. Now, it is good. It's like I kind of a song. It's us. It says I need it. So I made fun of it before. You like to pick on them and another one I was thinking he picks on that. I go, but Frankie Valli is much high of any Frankie Valli. So that's really out there. But what do you think on the discount that you think anybody love it bring it back? We can get it back. Should they really should write a couple more than you would want to hear on that dance floor? Well, like like cases like get down tonight, which I I would never be able to go inferno. Yes. Definitely burn baby. Burn. Baby. Wow. Did.

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