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Actually have a real return to work. Policy and a lot of them are in very small apartments. We built four bedroom apartments that are about 800 ft². So most Brazilians don't want to work out of their apartments. So we're seeing a real return to work. So we're seeing very low vacancy rates. Also, if for office, we're actually going to start a 600,000 ft² spectrum of office building and fara Lima. Industrial is doing quite well. We're seeing about four years behind on the ecommerce side in Brazil, so we're seeing a lot of demand there. Housing has been a little a little mediocre. The affordable stuff's done well, the higher end stuff has been pretty slow. Hospitality has been very tough and now coming back tremendously. So we actually like investments in the hospitality sector. Last fall logistics and we're also focused on development of office in certain markets like the fair labor. Tom, one last fast one here, given what you just said, is there a big difference between Brazil and one hand in the United States in terms of return to office because it looks like some parts of the United States is not coming back to the office. Your experience? Hugely. I mean, Brazil is like 80% back to work. So it's much different than we're starting to see in U.S. or Europe. So it's just, I think, a cultural thing and Brazilians like to be together. And so we are seeing a really big differentiation between Brazil and the United States. That's fascinating. It's always great to have you with us on these housing questions. Thank you so much to Tom Shapiro. He's GTA partners. He's president and CIO of GTI's partners. And coming up here, we're going to go to the Treasury Department for a reaction to today's jobs numbers from deputy treasury secretary Wally adeyemo. This is bounce power on Bloomberg television and on radio. The world like Bloomberg. Far too hot in Birmingham for the government to handle. You foresee two thirds of the crypto hedge fund, world disappear. Are we close? The European Union will support

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