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Waterfalls and rivers and all of those things what's your third good i'm happy it's a bad sandwich day right balancing on this tuesday so there's a new drake single have you heard it this is odd rate graham cracker jim let's let's let's hit it buddy she doesn't want to kevin so that's a little bit of what's called it's called mace's for what and the music video is actually extrordinary drake it's as drake just called every powerful female celebrity he think of and then was like would you like to be a music video like east ray via wild rashida jones trails ross and roberts misty copeland and no rana is not in it i was gonna ask well of course you're asking me here and i have lots of thoughts on fran andrey maybe she's busy she drowned up let's say that that's why i don't want her to listen to get mad at me listen to this riano free to call incorrect show and yeah we will have dinner with you it's fine friend of the show carina evans was on the show couple of weeks ago directed the film she did yes and i think that's also why it's got this really cool angle where these women are being used as romantic interest rate it's not like he's dating any of them he doesn't hardly appear in the video at all but you see them having fun and what seems like they're an element like yours shahidi from greenwich is wearing harvard sweater easter as in a boardroom misty copeland is dancing and the results really powerful because i like to see people women who are in control of their lives and destiny beaten control village and disney.

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