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Is this for children never seen. before. they can be the best with your thoughts. that was you know and and does that memory in here and add still gives me shivers the fact that the you know it's something that was my goal my old I was to be on a world champion team were able to do that again great bag contains so. with the the most special stab in my life on the one we need to deal down that that we're gonna be World Championship so it was it was worth all the work and everything that we've been doing me previously in my career that be able to get over the hump there. and you know lastly they were they were saying you know John Elway was better because he had a running back but in that game Terrell Davis was seen double evidently you had some now we probably wouldn't let him finish the game because he had sent out by a head injury right so. yeah I'm I agree right before halftime and so thank god he was able to get rid of that but you're right I'm not sure you detain these day and I'm not sure you can get back on the field but I can't show you what kind of guide for all day with the topics that he played with and was able to come out be the MVP and really allowed to run the football the the the the front for us did a tremendous job too so great to be a part of that team John Leslie which everyone know if they have suffering from two buttons could contractually he would do. yeah Paxon and dot com and then there's the need all the information there and something that they may think they have the condition may have ideas you up following politics at all these days. I tried it all it does is make me mad so therefore I try not to follow it nearly as much I guess they focused on the football team all right to it that's a that's a world you're in now John Elway thanks so much. yeah same here Tony listen Indiana Tony. okay. Hey Brian Hey listen to me this whole Ukraine bangles just a back door way of getting at by this annoying trump.

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