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When I say autistic plus one I mean those overlooked women of America famous artists in their own achievements a robber overlooked Clara Schuman it was a bit of a plus one she was in fact herself an amazing piano virtuoso you know she was the first person to establish the tradition of playing the piano without the school in front of you that was her but she was born two hundred years ago this yet and she's being celebrated by is something kind of Mason very well known young very talented British honest and is softer who comes from a family of musicians you may recognize the name her younger brother plays the cello check who kinda at Mason he played the cello very beautiful at the last royal waiting as well now it's also wants to celebrate the wife of Robert for not just being the wife of Robert Schuman for being Clara she went and brilliant in their own right so championing women why the definition if you think it one way into putting in playing the music but I do think it's important for that to be equal representation of female and male composes I think music in itself is genderless but the fact that it is cloud she minutes she has this whole history adds interest the fact that she is a female composer and I definitely feel excited to be playing her music and of course your accompanied by women conductors and under of the women instrumentalists as well do something come out of that as well or you making a kind of a statement of there aren't enough of us being given exposure we should have more what's the message that you're getting over with that kind of production it's lovely the I'm collaborating with women and I do think that women composers and conductors should be given more voice in the cult wells but once a passel down we recording that just musicians and that both really talented women and I I loved working with them as musicians honest people I mean things have definitely changed but things must continue to changing things should always be developing in the coming week well there's always room for more.

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