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Second round after firing an opening round, six under par 64 Royal ST George's Americans Jordan speech and Brian Harmon one stroke back at five under for the five way tie for third at four under. Other notable scores include Colin Morikawa and Justin Rose at three under Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and Xander Softly at two under Brooks capture Rickie Fowler, sitting at one under Others include Rory McIlroy, even our John Roman Bryson, the Shambo at one over Legendary winger Arjen Robben has announced his retirement from soccer for a second time after coming out of retirement last year to play for his boyhood club FC Schroen again the 37 year old originally retired back in 2000 and 19 after a 10 year run environment Nick where Robin 18 Bundesliga titles as well as the Champions League amongst many other titles. The second half opener. The major league Baseball season between the Yankees and Red Sox postponed to New York suffering its second covid outbreak of the year, with three players testing positive with three or more test ending Now, the Yankees were one of the first teams to be more than 85% vaccinated, and they now place believers. Johnson realizing that Nestor Cortez um Juan de Peralta on the Covid 19 injured last As USA Basketball prepares the Olympics guard Bradley Bill will not be playing in Tokyo after the wizard star tested positive for Covid 19, while teammate Jeremy Grant was placed in the health and safety protocol, But he is also expected to play now Friday's exhibition game against Australia. Probably will be cancelled as the Australians have been under strict health protocols. I'm Dan Schwartzman, that your Bloomberg World Sports update. All all right, thanks very much for that. And we are 20 minutes away from the open here in Sydney. Also Tokyo and Seoul futures here in Sydney looking very flat at the moment, but we are expecting to see a little bit of selling. When things get underway in Japan. In a moment, we're going to talk some more about Fed chair Jerome Powell's testimony to the Senate Banking Committee and what the future is for inflation, PAL continuing to insist that it is transitory. So we'll unpack that a little more in just a moment. Stay with us. This is Bloomberg. President with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts. Banking.

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