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This is the play by play podcast with me later on W. T. M. J. we welcome into the second week in a row of our teachers Westwood One it will be on the sidelines Sunday late afternoon as the Packers owes the Seahawks in the NFC divisional round of the postseason before we get into the games themselves will way we hear it back to our days a pro football weekly let's talk a little bit about what you your thoughts on the cowboys in the hiring of of Mike McCarthy well you know it was obvious to me that the best candidates for these five jobs were Ron Rivera bike the cart yeah but you're talking about to NFL coaches of the year who have taken teams to super balls are waiting for however things may have ended in Green Bay of whatever went out between Evan Rogers his record speaks for itself one of the most successful head coaches cowboys need that kind of credibility for that job they need that kind of stability they needed another offense oriented culture because that's where the strength of that football team there yeah from the cowboys perspective I think it takes all of the world now the bond market because you I want to work with your you don't have to strain potential anti cancer issues the chase in your head no probably not you know but I also don't understand why Ron Rivera was working day and night when you love the job so I think that may be a because he's Casey you're away from the game I know you talked about modernizing his taking them and studying what's current but also will find a way and all you want to coach again yellowing of those only thirty to the job you doctors only comes along once in awhile so I'm sure you realize that that he did a one the more difficult situations because gel trace laughing and joking going to consistently cause problems along the way what is a good enough coach that obviously he was comfortable that you can overcome that and he does have many believe the last year that he can win right away what I still think that sounds a little over rated especially out detox but certainly without that wind and you shall yet we assume that they'll get that cross got got a look out you've got a chance to come and pick it up right away yeah I think you're right in many respects it'll be interesting to see you know Dallas was always best when they were running the football and I understand they have dak Prescott but they also got Ezekiel Elliott will be interesting to see if Mike is ever able to what kind of match his offense to that strength that you know that Dallas has there and and blend it with his passing game it'll be very interesting to see yeah I think the key way certainly that Prescott is nowhere Rogers but he has at times been a very good winning quarterback you can have a dynamic what exactly like is the Galliera Kerik Henry and you could win a lot of games that way now playing defense gave that up well you don't have one of those top quarterbacks and you can't go out and win a game throwing the football your your doctor to get to a Superbowl ad so I think I I did that off of the wind what one the cards the what they do with their class got a majority yes when a quarterback going coming up from the play by play podcast with when Larry W. T. M. J. if it's worth restoring we're going to tell you if it's not worth the cost of restoring they were going to give you an honest answer you don't stay in the furniture finishing business for nearly fifty years unless your.

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