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Vive up content. That's been left up. Academic impact her academic impact. Ray no known to academics. Don't have invented mystery but basically a soon miss we did that. We celebrated for an hour and then the next discussion was okay. What comes next. And i think what the recommendations have allowed us to do. In a way is broaden out beyond just content type so obviously we are looking at accounts. I think accounts as an area where i'm personally most interested but groups pages are other things that we can talk about but i think there's also beyond that where other areas whether it's through recommendations whether it's through air vr and the metaverse. Is there a way to engage the board there and so that is that is very much. Part of the remit is to keep growing actually was my next question which is whether the oversight board would be given jurisdiction in the metaverse at the alternate reality. So that's That's cool to know what's on the agenda. I think this is something that you've worked on specifically which is that. I think a lot of people would say hey. Why can't you just give the oversight board jurisdiction leave up pieces of content. Isn't there some switch that you conflict within facebook to make that happen and my understanding is that things like that are a bit more technically complex than people might think. And whether you could talk about that. That's right. he's a remember having a conversation with you even before we launch when we were calling. Reporter appeals sharing some some of his contacts so as dungeons. We are minutes making sure that the board has access to these significant individual. Decisions is really just about you. Know what does the right timeframe and sequencing. Not when we're thinking about reporter appeals. It was more interesting to think about the complexities of what happens when content is still up on facebook and some things that happened with people that are actually viewing that particular case. What this means. When different people are reporting that case in how that impacts what the board is seeing as a case file on the one of the things that happens when content is left office many different people can report on that piece of content to facebook and they might be able to report it for for different reasons and not a complexity or a nuance that we wanted to make sure that the board was also able to see what what are different people reporting these content for are they reporting for each violations. Are they reporting for bullying harassment policies on annual to consider that as part of he's file We also needed to think about you. Know what happens in the case where the board says. We actually don't want to hear this case. We don't think this needs the bar for significant difficult. But then somebody decides to report that piece of content again facebook and then again to the oversight. Or how do we make sure that the oversight board Still has the ability to see a case under the merits for for which was reported by specific individual. Not just the fact that maybe they didn't get all contact strong. The previous people who reported that case and then the third thing that we're thinking about was introducing that aspect of volume and managing the capacity. That would come with any piece of live. content that has gone through. Facebook's reporting appeal system is now eligible to take over to the four. We really wanted to make sure that we're working with the board understand. What kinds of tools that we can build for them to to take on this. This new volume. Abd on west. So they're owing from you know. Hundreds of hundreds of cases admitted every day to seeing thousands of cases every day. How can we make sure that they have the best searching in triaging tools in collaboration tools available to them so that they can make decisions on which of these pieces of content. They wanna be able to move forward with and built the case around so that's a pretty good illustration of the idea that a lot of people in content moderation much more.

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