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It blows my mind that she was doing something as high risk as horse writing I know. She absolutely loves horses and Equestrian. I know that but. Tennis, players don't do activities like that during my career because they can't invalidates the their insurance doesn't I mean I saw Is quite s to refer to them like this high-value commodities, tennis players, they are insured against major career-threatening injury, but it doesn't cover you for a believe. It doesn't usually cover for skiing I remember when Tim Henman retired. And he was asked, he was mostly came forward to about retirement. He says I can ski. Now haven't been able to ski for the Post. Fifteen years and Martina Hingis the most. Of the most high value. Commodities in the sport. Is just. Putting all at risk to get a moose writing. I think it tells you two things one. Is that she? It's an indication of her age that she just was having to. Faced with having to give things up. She felt she should be allowed to do somebody well, obviously very wealthy now. All these options and she's at an age where she wants to do this stuff and. Okay I'm going to do anyway and I think that that's where the case she didn't have. The burn out, and the real problems of a caveat implies like that but I think she was conflicted in as as there's so much life, there's so much out there. The Sandwich I wanted to do I'm just going to do it anyway. That was part of it. The other thing is she said in an interview. I watched this morning. I felt invincible. And I don't think she thought she could come off the whole because probably thinks she's an absolutely world class force rider as well and nothing's going wrong so far. So why would she think wrong now? Well, it did happen twice a year they. Yeah! It's one thing to think not the first time. Can you remember the key? Can you imagine the cool going into a rage and I've done it again. This time bad. So. Yeah, I mean undeniably one of the all-time great seasons and everybody's seeming given her age that that she will she will. Is it much of an overstatement to say that she will dominate tennis for for many years to come at this point? The Williams sisters are there on that. Certainly Venus is is is emerging. People are aware of them as she play, she played Venus. Williams in the US Open final, and that was Venus's I ever use open. It was a fairly one sided match and. I remember watching it There was an incredible amount of hype about Venus but. It was one of those where those that follow in the second year round, just thinking well. Yeah, but he is the best better, plaza certainly right now and I just did not expect the turnaround the followed and then. She, she remained a factor. Did did hangers but? I didn't expect her to lose her position of dominance the way she did. Yes, she won the Australian Open that followed as well but I. I really thought that was going to go on for many years, and it's. It's notable also that she was playing doubles and she she won the calendar year slam in doubles in one, thousand, nine, hundred as well so. You know maybe there was a kind of burnouts. Strikes me that it was. kind of combination of things I think one was as Lindsay Davenport said their. Players like the Williams sisters emerging and Davenport getting better and. Not exactly the game overtaking her, but plays slightly figuring her out slightly realizing how to harness what they had in their games to beat her. Also I think the. French Open final that we covered in a on gas relived against Steffi. Graf is really big turning point in English his career where she after that she became far less secure in the big matches. She still reached a lot of Grand Slam finals this ninety seven season, but she lost most of them, and I think that ninety nine French Open where she didn't convert her her lead against Steffi. Steffi Graf ended up. Having quite a big tall and people realize that there was a weakness that they could chip away at and eventually injuries I mean. She had all sorts of injuries on her ankles and I. Think hails were badly inflamed I. think that was the one that eventually took out of the game in two thousand and two, so there was a sort of numerous factors just. Converging in meaning that she gradually kind of fat away, and never never became the fully dominant force that people thought she would. Did you lack Grit David? It all come so easily to her. It seemed like she was playing tennis on a on a different plane to every every videos, she she'd perhaps never had to dig deep a certain other players had to to achieve their success, and it's all going swimmingly, and then a real challenge comes along, not just in the form of the Williams sisters that were that were others, as well means Devonport became a real real challenge de her others, but. It is most embodied by the Williams sisters that that shift and changing if the God and she didn't adapt, did she? She didn't dig. She didn't adopt. She didn't change she. She faded. And I know that's really hard. Take on it all but. When it got read when the going got really really tough, she she faded. Think she I do think she loved winning. as you would expect, but I don't think she could really handle it when she wasn't winning that much and to go away and have to reassess. Regroup and come back and show that kind of resilience. She did come back, but yeah I think it. At any? She was off the player when she was getting some losses. Because I think that that knocked self perception. And probably reduced. How effective she was I think that could sound like A. Harsh assessment but I do think it's exactly what happened. I was reading some quotes from. From her mother, Melanie Molotov who said. She does only what she has to get by. She's not lazy, but she only works as long as it's fun, and it's not hurting and Chris ever talked about. Where's the need insider to? Go back and prove that she's better than these players emerging. And Oversee Chris ever. Would would know about that because she she did have that need inside. She did reinvent her game to to get the rivalry against never over back on the back on level terms in the in the latter half of that career, so I think that's exactly what happened I think she was bouncing from tournament to tournament when she was sixteen seventeen. Not really thinking about it kind of kind of imagining that it might go on forever, and then the soon as there was a little bit of a roadblock. She maybe didn't quite have that determination that that was required. And she possibly underestimated the the Williams sisters when they were when they were first emerging onto the tour, and and frankly some of the the comments she made about the more hugely uncomfortable on Ami, not I I'd like to think that they were. Somewhat uncomfortable at the time and Cetinje as time has passed tickly now they feel. Incredibly uncomfortable and I'd like to think that she would. She would not stunned by a lot of them, but. With the emergence of the Williams sisters came A. Animal could. Confrontation I suppose between between Hindus and them Deny How did you perceive it at the time, David? How did you? Perceive her attitude towards the Williams sisters. I founded uncomfortable at the time, and I wasn't really sure why. I think now with the years that have passed a an understanding much more about unconscious racism. I feel a lot more understanding of and it wasn't Jay I'm not pointing fingers at Martina Hingis here. I think we were all or many of us were guilty of this. and. Kind of pitching these plans against each other grouping. Venus and Serena, Williams as the Williams sisters. The gate crashes. The people have come along from the outside and. I do feel really uncomfortable with that now..

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