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Tropical storm Amanda in the eastern Pacific has already been downgraded tonight as it crosses Central America and that could be the genesis for what for us would be crystal ball next week starting to develop in the southern golf by mid week we'll need to watch the slow development and here's a quick reminder for all of our Gulf coast friends pay attention and prepare now I'm chief meteorologist John Wetherbee weather reports at sixteen thirty six past the hour all night on sterling on Sunday or the violence has increased in Sacramento there are curfews in Philadelphia Pittsburgh Chicago New York City Los Angeles we'll keep you up to date on everything going on in America because this is the only live radio show coast to coast I started ten PM east coast again that one AM there's nothing I enjoy more than having a chance to talk with you one of the features of our shows we have a terrible terrible joke every week from Judy in Dallas welcome to the show Judy please share with us your terrible job okay I had a birthday and add cabarets on Wednesday said maintain that barricades their ad nurses station hero coupled there at both severing their they they're putting together nourishing C. N. at the end G. Adams and then says day in Jean grey each one of them their wish renders a work bag hello chef so warm and Beijing yes the woman when you clear shapes inspired by and she said well mine has been now I'm making bad apple and that means that you have all over the world that year it costs so much I wish I wish we could and Heine ends all of Pekin our middle round and then she asked the man a more would you like for your wide range and the man says well I'm I'm nine three man Nico one man who is turning gears yes and then made Maddie hello this is sneakers welcome to sterling on Sunday hi Mrs sneakers welcome to the big show hi thank you again listen I agree with everything that you have to say about this horrific situation first of all I don't think it's a protest I think it's riding and I think it's intentional the officer has been charged with third degree murder so this is after the fact I can understand the explosion and nationally when all this came down it was a horrible thing a horrible injectors to George Floyd but now I don't know I don't know what motivates these riders star not protesters anymore to writers they're destroying property and just exploding com I hate to say it but I'm not too sure that it's not politically motivated what politics politics just to increase the the explosion against our current government I don't think admitted thank you Mrs sneakers thank you for your call I don't think that's it at all I think what it is is exactly what it looks like people smashing windows of expensive fancy stores and stealing crap that's what it is and the result will be that the stores will be destroyed many of those businesses will not be restarted refunded many people will avoid the believe me if there's a a block of burned out buildings no one's going to go there and nobody's nobody who owns those businesses is going to look at them and say she you know we should put money right back into that neighborhood that's what happened in New York in nineteen sixty eight sixty nine because of the north rights in places of riots all over the country Detroit so it Miami beat Watson Los Angeles these places never recovered they never recovered because of your business man and you're looking to you know it how could it happen again if it happens again what's going to happen to my investment in that business I can invest in that business they're gone they're destroyed Salin Philadelphia welcome to sterling on Sunday surely I just want to mention well you're younger pollution we had a fellow by the name of Frank Rizzo and I worked on your image age when he was commissioner of mayor one three and I'll do it along with his in that back at French just the three of us they were watching me and you show you what kind of a man you are you're less than a man okay Europe crumb creep and I wouldn't take that offer low by industry.

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