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Fourteen and and she's been noticing. Her friends were uncovered and so. That's that's still so low that the new friend comes on ozone so the other day. She tuesday oil when she bushy sir so have abundant where a cover okay. you know she's not gonna understand why we did and so i. I don't think we're going to push her into it but if she wants to There there was a boy in my dad meetings and and he wanted to be back home. You wanna be part of the church and the biggest thing was. He wanted to be able to watch the seat. That was huge. Is all thrilled about lashing this east and i commend you for frankly doing that. You know in his in his understanding. Yeah that's that's just you just. I never francis logo essien about fees and she's in her twenties now But she didn't she didn't make a commitment to the lord to baptize hire company pattern. Canada's wanna tell what they can understand but more the are with the understanding they have and yeah thinking again. Thanks a lot. Tony for sharing narrowly really enjoyed your testimony. Your family's desmarais there at yorker trip to me. I don't haven't experienced some of the same things. But i'm larry spook earlier. Larry gonna brother-in-law. So i i married. My wife had a sister who with search His she was much less able to communicate. Susan wheelchair and not able to talk so she's not letting anymore but she was a blessing to their family dwell dwelling her yet. I saw a little bit of the inside story with that. Really appreciate your sharing is very encouraged. Clinton situation thanks for sharing on how to relate to families with a special children. God bless yes you he on there thank you take when thank you all for participating in this. It's been a blessing to have your share that tony your experience and some insights for us. It's very encouraging brings us to the close of our time here this morning. Tony would you close us in prayer. You're thank you or the many blessing that you've give us. And lord sometimes in life there are. Things that are result of all argument ended plan. Less encourages unionist these these trials. Lord i pray today or families all those would ear the children special needs or give them grace and who accept the child giving them but not to just accept but to embrace in us this this place. This was few way to meet people's needs to encourage do for these children were now. If i'm understanding is ours is they can to serve and to be a blessing in their churches. Now we just wanna raise you in the midst of these Using matt before we go. We have a couple announcements this afternoon. At three thirty eastern will be the first strength strength sisters. Tanya taylor would be dean. Taylor's wife will be sharing Afternoon at three thirty and next saturday of course will be meeting here again at the same time. Six o'clock eastern and we're going to hear on managers in god's household the second side of stewardship by marlin summers. You're welcome back here this afternoon till your wives and sister or sorry year. Welcome back here next saturday in. Tell your wives and sisters About the meeting afternoon in the course that is Only sisters are welcomed this afternoon for that and that'll be at three thirty so go with god. God bless you as you serve him today and his grace be sufficient is shopping spy so.

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