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Hey, man, what's going on? First of all I wanted to say, thanks for taking my call. And I think y'all guys are some of the best ever. Do it. Sports talk radio. That means a lot Calvi. I appreciate it. What do you got cooking down a big, man? I gotta lot cooking. First of all shoutout to Clemson. First of all, I'm from Dallas, Texas. I'm a Dallas, Texas native. I'm a Dallas cowboy Donald fan and a taste. There's long coins die hard fan. But these days I just happened to be working for goodwill and Clinton stopped by goodwill today. So why goodwill wish more or less? So I just wanted to say shut out to Clemson for stopping by and helping us in volunteering while we were on the clock. You know, that's a good job by Dabbagh. When crew that's great community service hours. I mean, no that's tremendous shut out the cowboy nation. Dallas Cowboys were in the play offs. You know? And I think they get fired up, and I wasn't gonna take too much of your time. I just want to say that and Sunday Anita three like three teamer. You know, I do a lot of sports gambling. I this is the end of the season and I needed three like three tamer. So guys are some of the best to ever. Do it set out the Clemson for stopping by helping us on the clocks had a cowboy nation Dallas and to be. Yeah. We're I mean, once we do to show cowboy nations, I think we've had enough there. All right. Cowboy nations been shouted out enough? The last twenty years now as far as three teams three locks. How about this hour number three? I give you my up the gut NFL picks for week seventeen which you usually here when I am on with DA on the DA show on Fridays on CBS sports radio. But I did not do with the today. I was off obviously doing this show tonight. So you will get.

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