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Who played in the nfl vinson fuller corey fuller kyle foreign ted before i feel like we should talk more about this figure i feel like leisure like this southern member this sutter brothers and hockey i do i mean i just like electoral made their way through chicago the full brothers just incredible how many true fonts may the nfl they wear brothers right i some of them more desmond and marcus her cousins no it's it's brother are they are they are cousins marcus true font isaiah's refund desmond trevan or i'll brothers oh i do not know that i thought their cousins that's on that's my bed divide the point at that's not the issue here do you shoe here's the full or brothers have a full brother more in the nfl yeah there's only three grants and three watts rate how many grants made the nfl i think three right we're very briefly and maybe just two glenn me i have the different emily wi with the true fonts and the fullers had had careers this is very ought to the watts have a chance i mean derek water has a chance to come back or whatever tj in j j o obviously going to be there are still on the chargers nine i'm said what he's been on a for for for two years for one younger i'm saying that the fullers where i like got b o at least through the rookie contracts the true fonts did oddly since while four of barely did that's why this year so weird the fact that they did get do his fifth year option now it's like many prize to bring him back to weird spin strange season continuing the four legacy yeah exactly all right coming up dan he's gonna come talk about a very rough day for the seahawks plus we'll talk about who might be able to jump seattle in the playoff chase down the stretch that's next on the wringer nfl show part of the ringer podcasts network.

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