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Aw come back to starting nine all that jazz episode one twenty nine this this interview that we d-box interview. I couldn't wait. We've got a bunch of interviews in the tank and I was like you know what this one's cut. The front of the ones that d-backs could use the raw they haven't been playing well recently so this is a very very fun interview you Dallas from the top rope about halfway through just fucking dropping elbows on Archie Bradley and and Alex Young. It's it's a lot a fun. Stay tuned for that again. The d backs could absolutely use the rub the National League Wild Card picture as we predicted an absolute shit show take my whole time line. I've follow. Probably you know a few fans from every team. That's at least in contention. It is mass hysteria in the streets streets. We got mets fans being like we're in the mets. The mets season's over it's done. We're on a jet season. Now you know the cubs are freaking out. Cubs fans for the cubs fans are they're very on edge. which by the way I remember back in two thousand sixteen when then the cubs won the world series and there are a lot of fans that were kind of wondering like will they be as passionate now that they've finally actually one one same aim discussion happened in Boston after two thousand four and no? I think it only enhances it so Cleveland Indians fans if you're wondering like hey are we still. GonNa Macaire as much. If we actually do win one I think it only heightens the passion for for the baseball team. cubs fan still coming out in droves. I like the cubs like the the environment at Wrigley Field recently as pen like a playoff game. We'll get into the cubs because we've got some things to talk about their injury wise but the brew rip to the Phillies can we can. We put a fork in the Phillies yeah. I think this is. I think this is a dog race. I think this is a three dog race in that is is that phillies appreciate. You barely knew Ya that is what it is. This is between the Milwaukee brewers the Chicago cubs and the Washington nationals to see who will be the odd man out. Yeah I mean if we're burying the phillies that means they were burying Manson burying the mets that means we're burying the d-backs but still still time. I guess especially if the starring nine rub comes into play for the D-BACKS CISCO. There's still time for them to get back into thing. We'll see but for now I'll agree with Dallas. Nats cubs brew crew I'm in the mix here but the cubs have caught fire at the right time. The brewers have caught fire at the right time to fucking Christian. Yelich went down. I think it was a week ago today. It was on the livestream. We're doing the livestream every Tuesday. there's a few of us. I think Tommy smokes is going to be in there tonight. Because Luis Severino is returning to the mountain which I'm very intrigued to see how that how that plays out. I'm very intrigued to see how that plays out we'll. We'll get to that in a the second to but there are some moving parts here there are there. There is reason to believe that these these wildcard pictures will got a little bit more interesting moving forward We interviewed Barry Zito today sure did I'm surprised that you we're able to get through the thing without touching your cell phone appropriately well. There's a reason that the camera angle is from my neck up jared so jokes on you pal. you know how much I love the lefties man but obviously Z special place in my heart. No the guy didn't get to be his teammate in the big leagues but as he alluded to run around so it's good to catch up was I mean when that interview drops i. I need to know the stories that I know that he Amana faith were was not about to tell look I. I feel like the second that he's dropping yeah. You know remember me you in Brian. Wilson used to run around together at all. I I was like all right well. I know you're not gonNA say anything. I'll just get this from Dallas later going to need those whether on air off going to need those they're probably off. Promptly I'll give you. I'll give you this much. There was an evening in Barry Zito and I actually actually sang summer loved together. I believe Karaoke one night at a at a bar that he he was having having an event at. I believe but yeah. That's that's how evenings used to start jared got it. So so how did I don't. I don't know if I should save. They've these sea Barry Zito questions for zero podcast but like just because we just conducted the interview I kind of I'm curious now. How did you link up Barry Zito. If you guys weren't teammates I I know he's still only across the bay but right well because of the relationship that I had with Brian will as as as Z. alluded to it's like I said I was always like that's what was really cool about hanging out with Wilson especially during the height of fear the beard and the giants giants are fucking ball and out of control in this like I was able to be like Oh shit. That's your friend of what what does he do. Hold on. He plays big league baseball to like. I got to just be in the in the background. You know what I mean like just along for the right with great so I I yeah. That's how that like. Oh Wow Yeah Dallas spoke you were with the as you were in the bug like you or the law like it was it was it was really funny at first because it was like well shit like we had those conversations the home you come you come from a job you think that's why was thrown out the whole the the lefty in the measuring stick because that's that's really how it was and so then for a young kid being measured up against or be compared to these guys and then a couple of years later here you are having how about a cocktail or two with said individual so now. I'm starting to connect some dots here where it's like okay Dallas Brayden and best friends with Brian Wilson. They're they're in the whole wedding thing together but Brian Wilson People forget there was a time when Brian Wilson was like that fucking guy like he's in the commercials. He's on the red carpet at the SP's. He's a major major player and Major League Baseball L. Manuka Dallas walking around with them and he's the he's the blending guy and then he throws the perfect game so it's all perfect storm storm so it's like okay. I he gets into the mix. Is The in the background guy now. He's got some big time. CLO- and now he's partying and hanging out with all these other a big name in the big leagues. I feel like Jay this entire time. We've been doing a podcast with the man who's just sitting on all these incredible stories none of which we've really he ever heard definite fish. Isn't it really yeah. I feel like I feel like. There's there's is a lot. I mean we're a one hundred twenty nine fucking episodes into this thing and casually stumble upon. Hey Dallas used to party with Barry Zito. No big deal right. This is this is this is me letting you guys know that any all secrets that you may harbor should should they fall upon these years. They don't go anywhere else. It's it's right here. I am H rush tree in and of itself. I trust you're think you're Mike Von. That'd be good Huh. Stories are yeah. Those stories are definitely more more fireside chat material. You know that's that's stories for sure. I will be getting all those off excited for that. do either of you have have any major takeaways from from many games that were played overhang. I oh I thought you were going to ask about last night because I definitely did last night. it was a battle that it was tough. You think you got to out you think you've got everything locked up against one of the weakest hitting offenses in baseball the guy with one home run at the plate against your all star closer and then things just go this. This celts awfully personal. It's awfully just a ripe opera. It's just a ripe opportunity for me to pay you back for those very mean. Spirited Indians takes last week. No you would think hendrix against Phillips would be a battle that the athletics would win but you would be wrong and that's what's beautiful about baseball. That was my main takeaway. What about you guys. GotTa take care of business against the royals yes. That's that's that would be that. Would that would be a takeaway. I was GONNA go with the small condensed Ale schedule yesterday that was that was gonna be by taking away but no you're right. You gotta with an electric tape. That's thanks for that condensed schedule. Angle you gotTa win this. I think now's as good as time visit that you want to start throwing. fucking arrows guy is to let you know that Bhai Crystal Ball about as Clair's it's ever fucking been. Because what did I tell you was going to happen to the lowly tribe. What did I tell you exactly. It's like I said it and both teams were listening. We're like our guys book. It hit the button. It's time the Tampa Bay rays just rattled off after win after win after win. After I told you look out raise probably going to get hot and you know what happens when the rays get hot that means somebody's going to have to shift the bengals early in at eight fucking Oakland. That's for sure there's only one in at this and it's the Cleveland Indians who have found themselves. What's the taste of the division. They are now J. standing her at the altar with their empty. Fucking bowl looking up at me with those big sad dough is asking for just a bit of Porridge Lord Sir just a bit more. Please just a bit get the fuck outta say no soup kitchen. This is the big leagues baby. Here's here's what I hope. I hope that the athletics can can right this ship on this one game losing streak because you'd hate to see this turn into more. You would hate to see this all unravel. I don't know why that's all I've got to say. I'm I'm way too classy for this conversation. That's all I gotta say. I agree with J very very classy. Individual exudes class nothing but class I also had to take anyone who's willingly watching orioles versus Tigers Baseball while I need your. I need your address as because because we're we're sending the police there's. I don't understand why you would subject yourself to Orioles Versus Tigers Baseball in twenty nineteen. It's not a knock on the current rosters slash. Maybe it's a knock on the rosters but it is so like you watch these Games tillich towards the future right here like you could turn the game on or you could just leave it off and you could save another homerun. You know it would be kind of a hot idea doing a lot like going to like tigers game like one of those like day..

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