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You that song as you do know what it is because his played somewhere in a restaurant bar double. I don't know the grocery store maybe even your office but you heard it absolutely leaving absolutely and it was such an interesting time for the eagles with a hit recorded. This there is a previous album. They were coming off of. It was called a one of these nights. Nineteen seventy five and they'd hide. It's three captain singles from that album. And they were huge stand seventies. You have to remember that. The recording a association had to invent a platinum certification for them. They didn't even have that but they've yeah they've been at it for the eagles because they were selling in those numbers so set the scene. The context of helping the eagles were at that time. And they're still over. Classic rock. radio really missed the. But that time they were they were everywhere in everything so talk california yes fascinating at gone along sporadically as seems to be seen. Did people talked about but a particular album. California was their follow up album to one of these nights and it broke other previous records. Basically an album is one of the top selling albums. The us of all time to has day offer cool. That is cool awesome. Wow this day. Yeah so they really did. They set out to be like. Oh we got to break the mold in the kind of did so it's a yes interesting alba and for signs off to california as findus said it's everywhere it's hard to even escape at. I think there's been a number of interpretations with the songs bath of lynn. fried lakeland. Fry it said we decided to create something strange just to see if we could do it it up this song everything about it. There's been. I think it's like over the course of the years you'll been like this is just. The song is a drug trip in real time or whatever but in that moonlight that straightforward. Not quite. that easy. It's you know these over the top images which was pretty typical of that time but asked as you can imagine so many forums. Over the years. I would say the different members of the band of even had different answers. But it was written by don felder don henley and glenn fry together and has done hundley. His said at about the dark underbelly of the american dream about excess narcissism about music business. It can have a million repetitions. Well dare spare enough. He's decided he wasn't yeah. Could tell you've been asked to tabs. Rally was super interested on going down that road again. But hey is you create a song everywhere. Yeah they're gonna questions the asking you about and yeah it's a fascinating song. Don felder had kind of a drummed up the bones of this song as they were creating it in that process and for a number of reasons it was almost called mexican reggae. Gonna yeah exactly or just talk about why but they had said others latin style. Percussion in here too. There is a in our demo. Horn-like nyc sustained note lines. Oliver simple four four drum machine pattern and this is a this is from don henley talking about it. He said i think i was driving down than addict. Kanye drive at night. Maybe north crescent drive jason to the beverly hills hotel. First time i heard the peace and a demo and i thought this potential i think we can make something of it glenn. Flynn fry type. Tim said we think this is electric. Electric mexican reggae. Wow what a nice synthesis of styles and became disarms rookie title during the early sectioned. Okay i think you. Metabolize that for sack. What the fuck electric mexican reggae okay. These bitches are awesome serious drugs. Serious drugs we're going to go back to the seventy s we know. Ldc the psychedelic all that shit. Was i get it your now. I got one word for my people as a mexican american woman to descri- sentiment on electric mexican reggae nombre. No may i say. Hey bob whilst out that is a that is a special trivia reuther. Yeah so. I was baffled and then i knew you would have nothing to say about this in. It feels like a weird is a trip out. Stick to say to the latin roots are in there. Like i don't hear it. Maybe i don't i mean honestly heard that maybe the demo tapes are out there now but never heard them so. I don't know our early version. Had something different. But i don't i i don't follow rating As much as i should. I appreciate the genre but i'm still yet to see a mexican artist. You reggae but mate. Whatever i didn't. I didn't know that there was a subset of mexican. Radiators maybe is now right but okay maybe there is fair enough. Because we all get together or read we collaborate mix Music right but really hanley really ray electrical mexican reggae. No ma am i. Can't i can't unsee it now. That i know that was the working title. I know like plays next time into grocery store. Whatever it is. Lighten mexican right. So i don't know i've learned a lot of just i don't know i consider myself pretty well versed Assorted areas music. History that's the first time researching the that. I learned that i'd never heard that never heard of this. Again this is such a new brand new. Factoid eagles their process stott listeners. Would be interested in that. Okay so i wanna know how they were like this. When i call it in who the person was like. Hey guys now a good idea to so well. Here's moose ori- there is a. They'd hashed out lyrics. I think after it was a very early time. Demo chord progressions that type of and yet had gone through a little bit of difference process once they flesh things out lyrically which is of course. Yeah you listen to the lyrics. The song pats. It's a weird saw as they all kind of. Were in the seventies. I guess does this time off but it's funny to. They're just like well. Maybe will release it. That way would have been very different album named something like that. I think people would not have known what to do with it but.

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