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Put them together. Yeah, I mean, get black, isn't there? So I don't know. But yeah, I mean, it's as close as you can get burdening his new nickname. Yeah, now she'd be points to that one. Okay. Do you think that John Hennigan is doing well, like I didn't seem to be annoying anybody. I mean, he's not the school camp when seems annoyed by. All of his name, which would be I think the only thing you could get annoyed at right now, right? I feel like I mean, he lost a challenge, but that was a whole Goliath tribes float. As I said, making a very stupid decision. So I feel like he's good. Yeah, let's just put this in our pocket, giving a bunch of nicknames to yourself. Seems good giving a bunch of nicknames to all the other people on the tribe seems not as good that seems to get on people's nerves. I would love to. We're getting my quiet to all of them by pop culture titles. We'll get John Hennigan to give them all life zyypah nicknames, and like we'd le- sexual racist, politically, incorrect nicknames. I want to be on the Trump. I knew dick wants to be on that tribe. He really wants nickname. Okay. Let's talk about hot cap. Dan. Dan, we, we got to learn a lot about Dan in this episode and a lot of it. We got to hear about Dan's origin story about what what it's like to be Dan, how, how he found himself as a Goliath in bloom fat. Dan. It's not like we never had the confidence walk around here probably say yes, I'm glide, but now the most beautiful girls tell me I'm very good looking. Florida, Dan. All right. Now, Dan does seem to be the one person that survivor is acknowledging that he was a David day. He's the first person ever to cross the line from being David to Goliath that jobs you come back, you can't. You can't go back, but and Dan also that that fat Dan was not a Goliath fat. Dan was David fat. Dan, I saw. I never had the confidence walk around here and proudly say that, yes, I'm glad he bad things happen to fat. Dan, the weather's always bad. Yes. But now the quiz, yes, he gets the only one Chizzy point and now he is a Goliath and women and beautiful women tell him how good looking. He is. Yeah. I mean, it's an impressive transformation. I love that. He also, you know, he was like, this doesn't usually happen to me with the sherman's wasn't expecting it like you were talking about it in the preseason. And also, you know, he comes up to CARA and he's like, you're my kryptonite. Yes. He also said that to Josh, though, I feel like he was just holding onto that pick up line until we could. Said that Josh Wigley was his kryptonite. No, he told Josh that Caroline's is kryptonite, but I like what you said way better. I wish I wished I pull that clip right away. So, yeah, so he ends up meeting Kara and has this conversation with her. Blonde and beautiful. Yeah. Hey, what kind of what kind of girls do you like a blonde and beautiful. Yeah, right up my. He says that car is right up his alley, a number of times also. Yeah, I don't like the sound of that. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it like most like what Pat said. I'm like, I don't like it don't know why I just do it. Yeah. So Dan and Danny Kara, the two goliaths. Now if two goliaths get together and they have a child, the child is autumn adequately Goliath or could be a David. No, I think the China's automatically Goliath, so it seems like Elias is a lot of like your upbringing and stuff. I feel like if David and Goliath, oh my God, what if a David and Goliath go together, what would the child be? Baby could come out of the way my God. Yeah, that's intriguing. Now could to David's have a baby and it would be Goliath. Is that possible? I don't think so. No. No, I think I think that everything will be horrible for that child wherever my mother was a David. My father was David. Oh my God. Oh my God. Everything is not awesome. Have you got for that poor poor child? Yeah. This was also from Dan in Kara talking..

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