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The guys in New York look at the low low pass interference so I don't even know what pastor feared his anymore when it goes the review itself I'm not even try to guess well what Sean Smith's gonna decide here well you're not alone they're showing it right now the big halo video board over sixty do two thousand square feet it covers everybody that's left here the stadium to see a is the house well you can tell by the booze it I think everybody that's left to cheering for the saints of the seventy one thousand that we announce the only ones left are the handful of things within that aren't doing this thanksgiving so now a forty five yard field goal will lots is it from twenty to forty seven and forty two in that order he is twenty six of thirty on the season this is what would make it a three score game six thirty two to go it'll be from the last tax after the holder good kick is on the way and he got it real sweaty Georges St here in Atlanta back to the a really nice thanksgiving evening these four four four and the states now take a free score lead at twenty six denied was six and a half minutes to go a football fans before you head to the stadium on game day book your spot with park mobile park mobile lets you reserved parking at football stadiums across the country don't fumble with parking book your spot ahead with park mobile Tony you just get the sense that all the air on the side the falcons if there was any of the balloon it it feels gone now well then you feel for the defense of the falcons guiding them done a great job in the three certain changes in your own territory give up six points that's a heck of a job again to drew Brees let offense right now you look up in twenty six nine seventeen point game at three possessions was six point seven now your plan for America because you need some really quick scores are gonna have to have an onside kick in there if you look at the onsite percentages that are covered this year I think there's only been one those were were covered it's very difficult tough hill to climb Kenyan buyers gonna try to return this kit for for yards deep across fifteen across the twenty that he falls forward just shy of the twenty five late tackle but there is no flag team in any official don't miss all the NFL accidents Thursday night on fox and NFL network explaining on Amazon prime video with the Dallas Cowboys beat the Chicago Bears first you can also you Thursday night football each week right here on Westwood One with eagle until he was selling I might add getting a of the six days here comes that line to get you thrown two interceptions lost a fumble the last time out there has been his game he's out of the gun here with his team down twenty six tonight at six twenty one to go why drives to pass does it out to the white it's part of the twenty five by Jaden Grammys terrible right away after a most store pickup about to your so just to reiterate how good this thought to be fifty in the last three things drive and started in Atlanta territory of a tool nine yards in six point just a great job the problem is on the other side you will get the falcons offense I have a total of two hundred forty five yards of offense and Matt Ryan twenty three for thirty four one nine the with two interceptions fall below the one touch down rating of sixty seven minutes is not going to get it done it gets a really good thing football Gartner Johnson at the intersection or one of the intersections earlier was down on that last play and he got up and went off on his own kind of problems so he will sit out at least this next one both of the interceptions against that right keep rookies shy total does tackle CJ garter Johnson the twenty one year old rookie former Florida Gators second down today the shot gun here he drops to throw those again to the right side going up and grab your Christian Blake Blake is going to have the first down to six tax payment with just five the other at the free agent out of northern Illinois because the night everyone else is gonna get a lot more opportunities but right now the soon to give up those underneath routes all day long falcons try to go quick here's why it again over the middle to another under these pass across the forty to forty five yards demonte Freeman on the back of the staff about a linebacker Greg Roberts where the states to play defense right now too high safety is the only chance you have to do anything down the field is in the middle of the field for the Ryan another short for all this time really but he's not even the midfield is tackled quickly by marshon Lattimore that Tony continues to go inside of five minutes the warning No Way Out beyond ten yards at some point you gotta run someone down the scene in the middle of the field the first down gain so first didn't hear that Ryan got a hand on a previous case he's going to take off and he gets to the opposite forty six before he goes to the ground so that'll be a pick up of six seconds they have a call at seven your second three the saints making wholesale changes looks like a hockey coupled with the boards what is the one to come out for breast cancer if you don't feel now to go to the other side St spring in surprise sure throw over the middle is quiet shoestring catch by Brian hill and he's got the first down to the thirty six yard line it's all check down to me I'm watching the route for me run by the fountain receivers nothing is that the field he said no Julio Jones no Austin Hooper here Ryan moved to the widest pressure comes up the middle of the road is gonna toss it downfield good good by JD grammar the needs of the at the thirteen yard line by Marcus will you he took his son Jaden Graham is struggling to get off the field in Izzy's jogging from the same sideline he makes it to the numbers and just go no further is down on his back it's a schedule playing as Matt Ryan is scrambling to his right Jaden Graham does the right thing runs away from home down the field line finds up as he goes up high to catch it Marcus Williams the safety just cuts his legs out from underneath them and puts his shoulder pads right the size so twenty three yard game but as you said he's now on the ground with the athletic training staff around him remember no Austin Hooper Luke Stocker the other tidy and he's out with a back injury they brought Carson Meyer up the only other tight end on the roster practice squad yesterday so we may be seeing him shortly we're out of sight and out there it'll be him because of but on the roster no one else is active the night Dave Graham still down good news feed right now and my guess is is is flopping right now at this point voice hit a walkoff orders own power three forty to go in the states and control twenty six to nine Matt writes Juanita thirty nine two hundred forty three yards a touchdown with two interceptions in the loss for both for the thirty four year old minutes twelve season we came in the game three hundred forty six yards from fifty thousand he would just be the tenth player all tied to hit that mark but right now with the user looks like it's going to be a losing effort he drops the parole girls left sided complete in the direction of Larson gauge means actually PJ Williams the quarter for the saints who got a hand on it all those intercepted in front of Gage all the slayer is right there it's two hands outstretched he come down the end so in the ball of the thirteen of New Orleans for Atlanta three thirty one to go to get out of the gods to dieters say twice for souls Williams old age touch the yeah three twenty six exit twenty six to fifty for two which makes no sense to me because even if you get two thirds of the two point conversion that's only sixteen I'm one time I did math two four one would you give the extra point it's a seventeen point game for two touchdowns in a few more times if you don't get this and continued to worry about a two point conversion later yeah this is interesting okay the line's going to go under center his load set back three receivers stacked to the left they told a screen that way they're trying to get around the edges or is it is really did he yes he reached his arm and they will say he was being shopped out of so they got it but again I'm not sure the logic that makes the twenty six to seventeen with three twenty six to go there to review this he did not have the ball he lost the ball before he gets to the pot along so we'll review and nasty those two points are going to come off the board you're exactly right he bobbled it right at the one yard line it kind of popped out of his hands and then the pylons as he was going to this is one of the few the look of I mean this is it's not a play ball they did that so that I can say this the copyrighted tonight's broadcast of the NFL on Westwood One is owned by the NFL about half of its member clubs all rights to this broadcast are reserved rebroadcast recording re transmission or any other use this broadcast without the express written permission of the National Football League is strictly prohibited whatever.

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