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Welcome to the naughty but nice show I'm your host rob shooter. It's Monday, our friend Garret is off today. So it's just us. Don't worry, we've got lots and lots of gossip that we can fill the next 20 minutes with so sit back, get ready for some hot hot tea because what time is it my Friends? It is tea time. I love this cheeky story at the top of the shower. Tom Holland Spider-Man the like to post stating that quote shorter men have more sex. So the Spider-Man star. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and he liked an Instagram post that asserted according to science. Short men have more sex. The post featured a caption from the journal of sexual medicine. I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds very official, doesn't it? And this new report goes on to say shorter men are more sexually active than all of men who would have thought that it only had 531 participants heterosexual men and they spoke about their sexual frequency which you know makes me very very embarrassed I talking about sex. And the survey the study found out that the people having the most sex were those under 5 feet 9 inches which makes Tom Holland one of those people. He slips in there. Now Holland had been trolled about dating zanda, who is a full two inches taller than he is. He actually makes light of the height, disparity, recently, and an event he said, the following quote that people's perception that they had a problem in their relationship, stemming from their hunt difference was a stupid assumption. Zendaya went on to say that her mom is taller than her dad and her mom is basically taller than anyone she said she's got a very very tall mother. While she dispelled the notion that women can't be involved with shorter men. He went on to say thank you for bringing it up. And he did say that he had no problem that big short, but when he was little, he didn't really like it, but obviously you can't change it so he's accepted it, and he said every girl that tested out for the role of MJ in Spider-Man was taller than him and he said, although to be fair, that's quite easy because I am quite short..

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