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Edition on W N. Y C at 5 42. Good morning. I'm Carrie Nolan sunrises at 7 20 this morning and we'll see a partly sunny morning Mostly cloudy this afternoon with highs in the upper thirties. Time to check in with John Shaffer for today's gig alert. As we start the new year, I realized the last thing you probably want to something from the old one. But bang on a can, the upstart contemporary music organization that's been doing annual marathon concerts in New York, since 1987 has been offering free streams of its four online marathon concerts done during the pandemic. And today is the last day you can see and hear them. Together. They offered dozens of world premieres and recent works representing composers from around the world. Among them New York's own Missy Mazzoli with her vespers for violin. That's Olivia to Prato playing Vespers for violin. Written by Missy Mazzoli. That's just one of the dozens of works available to stream today from the Bang on a can marathon online concert series. Details or at new sounds dot Warg We've got some wet weather in front of us, but a partly sunny morning, then a chance of rain this afternoon tonight. The rain continues with lows in the upper thirties. Clouds start you Saturday than sunshine in the afternoon, but Sunday's a washout rain all day. With highs in the lower forties 35 clear in New York City right now. Support for NPR comes from member stations.

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