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Pronounced i think a m o v i g we'll get the full pronunciation perhaps from dr timothy timothy smith our first guest this morning he's the vice president at the national headache foundation dr smith good morning and welcome to the opening bell maurice dichotomy you don't pronounce this new drug gets not on my list of cornets i think you got a pretty close to mozambique a moving so this is one of the first grill drugs for migraines in a while isn't it it's actually in the united states is the first ever preventive migraine drug that is solely for the prevention of migraine everything else we have was initially invented for something else for like controlling seizures and things like that and then was subsequently found to have partial benefit for migraine prevention so this is the first true migraine preventive medication in its class and there'd be other drugs to follow into the new year along with the news that this drug was out there and perhaps working was the price tag for it and actually the amgen was gonna charge about sixty nine hundred dollars a year for the drug that seems to be a high price to pay but perhaps it's not for people who suffer from migraines well i it's it's open to debate i it sounds like a high price tag it's actually that they surprised me that they actually came in a little lower than than some industry experts were projecting so five hundred forty dollars a month and they're gonna have i understand the the the pharmaceutical company is gonna launch a company program or something that will save the people who qualify a lot of money off of that and they're saying that some patients will pay as little as five dollars a month so if they qualify for the program so there'll be an assistance program as well so and we think that'd be pretty good insurance coverage of it as well.

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