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The corners of the base boards that the vacuum cleaner doesn't always pick up so i get like i get a wet wash cloth like diop absolutely because the water will keep the we'll get pick up the pet here and you can just wipe everything down with a just like a damp squeegee or damp wash cloth over your furniture in in the base boards pick up all that stuff then i assume you just than throw vote will wash cloth away yet because i wouldn't want to keep that well you've and old socks are good for that to okay you have held unit yes or holy has been underwear the now that looks to skip thrown away any pay this no recycling us okay well we we're talking about this kind of steps you how at those dust bunnies like under the sofa under your it's kind of like being in the in the west in the desert with the dusty has rolling around well i think they there's something called an ox set listen to this name oxo good grips micro fiber extendable duster too high tech i now you can get it at bath and beyond for 15 bucks though and then you don't have to move your furniture you just play keno cutter you just yes underneath that has a good but subtler thing call last kidneys the like the swiss earthy asfa tiger tiger others are good tail yeah i think that that's that's good okay this one i definitely will do because i'm always using you know how you get your lampshades get dust on any oh my lord so they say you can use a lent roller on fabric on fat interested idea i think that's a great idea at war a paintbrush.

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