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I feel the here's the back of my neck Xanana. Hanging out having our by now here's My neck or still standing up. Like A reappropriation of your songs that. Maybe fell off a bit but now just back, full force. And again, that's something a lot of my friends from the nineties my compatriots you know that were out at the same time. Basically, we we all talk about it all the time whenever he's kind, it's Kinda. Cool that. You just didn't expect it almost kind of feel like nineties country. Is Kind of the new classic rock and by that I mean, you have because I mean we I grew up on the classic rock and roll of the seventies and stuff. And It had such a resurgent say in the nineties where you wanted to hear grand funk, you wanted to hear fog you wanted to hear seger you know and and it and they're touring just exploded. And you know making more money on the road than they did back in the day because people wanted to relive that music so much and I think nineties country was so big I give garth's so much credit for that because he busted down a lot of walls and opened up made that narrow two lane road into this big superhighway and I think it touched. The music we did back in touch. So many people now they are at that age where or they WANNA relive it. You know and and they have a little more money because they have careers and the tickets the money you know in the touring is big. Yeah. No. Well up until this all this nonsense but it but prior to that I mean we were it was just it was amazing and you and I would see young people. I mean very young people twenty twenty years old twenty, four years old. Seventeen years old girls singing along. To do the songs you know and. That means their parents raised them listen to it. I was talking to Tracy Lawrence Pretty. Recently, he said the same thing about classic rock exact. Same analogy. He was classic rock. We got two point one or two here the CPR stuff example, and so he's like people. Pay Me Birmingham because I think that music for my generation Tracy Generation. That music was the biggest thing. There was class the rock and roll of that time in pop pop rock and roll of that time was the biggest thing in the world. So I had the biggest impact on us you know as far as. To own a lot of people you know because even country music I mean I grew up Merle haggard and Buck Owens cash and Waylon? Johnny Horton and Jim Reeves, but it was always kind of. Exclusive Club because you remember being in high school even in the south. And Middle School and high school and stuff, and if you like country music really they just didn't get it. They didn't under a lot of kids just didn't understand why we lacked it. You know but but rock and roll everybody likes. You more of a universal impact and and I agree with Tracy I feel like now is our time. It says like ninety country was that big Well one boy, one girl where do you put that in your set? When play 'cause? That's just smash two? Oh, man usually in the middle and and that is that may be. One. Of the most requested songs we get because sometimes you I'll do that when I'm not planning to do that. If I, go to a Colin ratio and you don't play one boy one girl find me getting a refund real quick. You know what I have heard that. There are certain ones. That you just know you always need to do and in others I try to switch out because we had quite a few and you think well in there's new stuff you WanNa do stuff and and it's very hard for me to sometimes a lot of artists I think go through this. You think well, well, I WANNA I wanNA play this because this means a lot to me but then I'll go see someone else and I do the same thing if they don't play Two or three of the ones I get I get a little mad about you. I can't believe they didn't do this. Then I have to remember now they're saying the same thing about me if I leave certain songs out so now I'm doing it all the time well Y- I'm not gonNA. Let you escape know without plan me a little boy one girl refund. Under All right. Here we go and I never realized how many twins there were in America until we put this song out and apparently it was a lot of lots of families that have twins at that could relate to this story and so. He finally gave in news friends who? When she said.

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