Tim Curley, House Arrest, Gary Shultz discussed on espnW's The Trifecta - The Trifecta: 6/3/17


The two thousand one allegation of sandusky molesting young boys this conviction comes a week after former athletic director tim curley oh was assigned to serve seven to twenty three months in jail with two years of probation and it'll be three months with house arrest in a fine and then gary shultz who was the former senior vicepresident for finance and business six to twenty three months allott served two and then also do the house arrest what do you think kate of this story is seems very odd for a story like this to actually result in jail time exactly and regard this honestly regard this although the length of jail time is important at this point given our history when it comes to college scandals the simple fact that there is any for numerous participating members of this scandal is groundbreaking when it comes to college issues because there seems to have always been this concept of the it's a silo separates space with its ryan laws in wounds and they're not applicable to the laws of the land in at least in this case you're seeing some jail time which is sending the message hopefully to other athletic administrators and other college officials that a you are not only having to subscribe to your own law with in your code of conduct within your university but the actual laws of the land which is ridiculous that we've enough to say that right it it should not be that surprising that a crime of this nature would result in in jail time but like you said we become so used to things being judged in a completely different space as if they're not a real laws being broken that it feels like a win no matter how short uh that they're actually having to serve some time sticking in these sort of ugly and serious side of sports.

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