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Minute that's not this digital we got it it is generally okay back to the concept and yes Ryan Tannehill will be starting for the tides you like Alexander Johnson why'd you like Alexander Johnson so much he's big he's strong he's relentless getting to the ball he shacks those blocks when I try to block I visible I'm not some just yet office when I get off me full back get off me and people is the primary one is old school football player he's come with everything and if you're not ready you'll get hurt so that's it Mike Purcell Alexander Johnson I don't know I mean all the guys are playing better all the guys a plan better and that's was changed me that since we last spoke Mike Purcell Alexander Johnson secondary had a little bit of change we are cream Jackson back he talked about a talked a big difference in tackling oh my goodness it's hard soul guy he is very much an asset is from beginning he's not a very big and what did that matter because he's going to get you on the ground one way or the other and he knows how to time we guys are running he's always had a time where he's going to hit them in their lower legs to get them down you know even the big two hundred and forty power runner bags like Derrick Henry is a target zone tack or to to try to bump you are bound to the shoulder to try just ry he's a he's a textbook tackle puts a face mask or belong to the target zone takes you down and you doesn't care about your Barton of hot right I guard yeah I'm on the sly now we're down to park meadows actually round the corner bumped into Kareem Jackson you bump into me I hope not that play on the goal line although secular I thought are you on that my man that is that is a bit of my effort yes exactly after you just got done talking about that for your frustrations with that that guy on the field it's ME when you know how much this games on a mentor is everything yeah that's about to go down the score seven now they take the seven where we got the ball back and nothing we don't have time to be handed in AJ generate interception in the endzone to now but it would take you got him up on that one three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five as the phone number five six six nine zero the tax like what colors about that is Steve Hayes for I do this because he he doesn't ever want to feel like he is impacting the coaching in ever give a joint these guys listen to the radio they look they listen to these things okay so when we come back Steve got more messages for the players to skip how do you know the list well we go back we'll we'll talk more about the defense by I was Medicaid right now we got to find out we grab the surprising runner up the radio studio let's find out got to find out as Steve Atwater things the Broncos can beat the chiefs if our gonna break it all down for us when we come back right here Broncos country tonight okay away.

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