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Hey guys this sunday on. Cbs could asia. I mean latifa is returning to equalize injustice in the new cbs original series. The equalizer this reimagining of the classic show star's the academy award nominee multi herself queen latifah as the equalizer alongside. Her you can find all star actors like kristof. Tory kittles lorraine tucson. Lisa appear in adam. Goldberg watch the mayor of the new. Cbs original series the equalizer sunday at eight seven central on cbs. Have some fun pop. Some corn and let's start our show all right. Hello paul dickson bitches. Welcome to dig while girls sitting here with the baddest bitch. I'm harriet winslow. And i am. Phyllis wheatley this is three. It is indeed. Thank you for coming back on our second black history month. Nobody's fucking celebrating black. Assuming you're still deep in the pandemic. So at this point i watch cartoons and drag race and i am not caught up on drag race but it is so good this season i've i i love it like i know the first two episodes. I just gagged the entire time. It was incredible. There haven't fun over there so black accents this week is going into an eleven-year-old named heart. Wilson was from pearland texas. And he's the owner candles from the heart and made candle comp name So here's the funny thing about this. This was a company that he decided to start as a way to raise money to the he could attend his dream. School howard university so fair league. He took a trip to howard when he was six years old. And say oh my home for a meager. This and i'm like when. I was six years old if i happen to be on that campus or any other campus. That matter i would have simply been begging for a ride home. I would've been wondering by rabbi. Has anything to do with me. I would have been able so let me. I wanted to go to hillman. And i wanted to go real bad so i understand. I understand. I do some early last year. He was perusing the youtube and things and stop people making money online inside lawn candles. They figure out how to figure out how to make candles parents helping on. And since then he's been selling them on ed see All kinds of different sense like guava fresca adds great cruel here plan and kashmir pun is an honor of awareness month so first of all gag because young art. Wilson has already sold a bachelor these candles to the new orleans. Pelicans actors and writers from shows like queen sugar assistance and how to get away with murder. Purchase the candles. They got candles in stores from chicago in texas. So i bought for some of these kids. Take money everything. Because how can you tell me. Your baby is selling candles to go to howard and not expect me to buy inventory. I'm going to a solid for awhile. Yes payroll and i love to see it. How q a dance. That kids have to sell candles to pay tuition but not sheep girls better. I mean i just love it. He'll definitely i believe. Have the meetings at least financially to get there with the way these yeah. I mean. he's only eleven so he has some time to save up. Hey you know he's the one who like se. Get you with the with the last minute checkout anxiety because they wanted me like. Hey there's another twenty five girls with this same item in their car right now honey. So it's time to decide. What are you gonna do. Are you for left. So what will you do. I was literally me earlier by friends thing that she just put out with. Marian their their activation packets of i went edgy and it was like there are six remain in the store and twenty people have it in the car and when i tell you i focused on checking out like we have to do it right now. I cannot hesitate. I have stress place or do you right as he does. They drive up doing zayed's some i will include a link in description if you guys wanna ask the court Otherwise you can just look them up candles from the heart and go. Show them some love and I know that we have a lot of howard. Alum.

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