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He would be held in contempt and that contempt citation needs we voted on by the committee, but the full Senate. And so my Republican colleagues are now going to be tested, the Republican chairman Richard Burr is doing his job because there's no case closed on Russian attack on our democracy. We need to know the. Fat. I'm going to make this argument that want to hear your response. And the argument goes like this the motor report is out redacted. But the the bulk of it and the findings are in the first volume about collusion are what they are. Why does it matter? Why chase down Don jR, for what he said to the committee when the facts are already established an out in the Miller report, the facts, in fact, may not be fully established by the mills mellow report. There are a lot of open questions that remain to be answered as Mark Warner just implied. And the Muller report raises many of them. In fact, we sent a letter members of the judiciary committee on the democratic side to the powers that be asking for Muller to appear because we have about sixty questions about not only obstruction, but also Russian collusion and remember the attack on our democracy continues, and those facts and need to be no. On. I'm curious what you make of the internal caucus dynamics among your colleagues across the aisle. Obviously a lot of Republican senators very mad at Richard Burr. Lots of primary threats online, and such this is from a New York reporter Nick fan dose on what happened at the closed-door lunch today in the closed-door GOP lunch Burr walk through the back story of the subpoena for Don, jR, defended his investigations work per people directly familiar McConnell also spoke up offering his support for Mr. Burton his handling of the committee. What what do you things happening here? The intelligence committee is doing its job that Trump junior contacts with Constantine Cohen, neck or other Russian agents, the provision of polling data by Paul Manafort, then go on Trump Tower Moscow the meeting at Trump Tower in New York, his dealings with his father on the statement that obviously was misleading in deceptive and explaining that meeting. There are a slew of questions that the intelligence committee has to be focusing on not on the. So I can't speak for that committee or Richard. But he is doing his job one question. He didn't have contact with Constantine Kalinic as far as we know. Right. You were saying that about Paul Manafort Paul Manafort had the contact. Okay. Donald trump. She's in her may have known about it. I said final question you did have them before your committee judiciary committee. And I think I've asked you this before but given now that you've had time to look through the whole report. Do you think he lied to you when you had them before your own committee? There are very very serious about his credibility as factual accuracy. Which is why I have said from the outset that he should be called back before committing to explain why he gave seemingly inaccurate and misleading answers on for example. Whether he knew about those Trump Tower Moscow negotiations he said that that he had only peripheral awareness. Well, the Michael Kohn testimony indicates exactly the opposite..

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