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Off. Is the gift that keeps on giving welcoming insider radio my name. Is jake mendel. Joining the is josh outs. And joshua the offseason you know as people who create content about the ball. We expect this to be the slow period. Obviously we're not recording as much in terms of preparing for free agency that still. Oh my god that's only two weeks away but news broke today. Espn's cameron wolfe is reporting that in a move that nobody was expecting. Kyle venoy might be on the chopping block from the miami dolphins as the two sides. Continue to talk it out and see if they can reach a deal. Just sent me this via twitter. Dm what what went through your mind. When he first kind of rent it for me jake and i think what's most shocking is. We know that he has familiarity with brian floors. No is brought here to you. Know run this defense. In a sense we talked about in previous podcast. Every week there was one captain named on this roster and it was called in noise so when you think about that when you think about how much he meant to this defense it is a little bit of a surprise but nine point seven five million in cap space free up. We'll talk about you. Know what this means for some of those young players who you have to be excited about you know you had to say about in japan kinkel because he looked like a whole play you know. He took that leap in from year. One to year two and coaches raved about jerome baker guy who was a little bit hesitant to to crown him like some fans but he came on so it means it means a lot of good things for these young guys but it would definitely hurt to this defense. The veteran guy again. That has all this familiarity with this defense. Brian floors right hand. It seems to cut him now. It means the dolphins a free up space to do something. And i don't know what that means jake the first obviously we pulled together a little bit of research before recording. This show. the first article. I saw was a pro football talk story about when the dolphins signed van noy and it was basically was praising the dolphins about how their vision how how they're not making the mike wallis the denounce other beach signings anymore. That this is the right idea. This is the right direction. The dolphins are going in and your we. Are you later talking about a cap casualty. And i think this is a really important concept because whether we're talking about the dolphins signing aaron jones whether we're talking about the dolphins traded for deshaun watson. There's this idea out there that that the cap is this very solid thing that cannot really be maneuvered but but that can be further from the truth. 'cause i looked up this calvin contract fifty one million dollars over four years. Fifteen million guaranteed at signing and thirty million dollars total guaranteed. I smashed the panic button. When i first read that josh. Also go no. We're going to go back into cap. Heller feel good year. You know i. I went straight to the panic. By and i know i'm not one to usually do that. But that's what i did. And then then i look at this this deal. The cabinet preventative. Next year is right around. Fourteen million dollars keep in mind. We don't want to sign. Aaron jones for twelve million dollars. Keep that in mind But that number drops if the dolphins were cut knowing the dead cat hit is four million dollars which the last couple of years looking at the dolphins dead cap. It doesn't really seem like too much. And then next year they were to be dropped..

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