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Silence this however this is how previous courses in case worked on antennas possibly but there was hope for some among fans that things would be different on the switch who support multiple users. Ten is fine. Prince has not explained the situation off any clue as to why must be it. Must be the case. Could could there be some security risk is animal crossing safe dates and more valuable than any other safe dated that does not have this limitation or practices decision is largely philosophical causing all about sharing the same space as your family. And it's creates a cat's agree she said. In two thousand sakes with a view with game suture Gamasutra. Sorry another thing. Is that always always so. This is quoted another thing. He's not always get home really and my family plays games and I would sometimes be playing when I got home and I thought to myself playing games and I'm playing games but we're not really doing it together. It'd be nice to have to play the experience when even though we're not playing at the same time we're we're still sharing things together so this is something that kids could play off the skull. I can play when I got home at night. I understand what he's saying so basically from this. This is basically saying that animal causing he wants to build this world where you all share if your family of animal crossing fans you share the same unique universe that you can all add to and build. No that's not how I play my games. More Games are more games and shadow of anyone. Apart from my son Nick Schmaltz so the strange thing is Nintendo does point out up to eight players originally to count on antennas which can live on a shared Ireland. So you know this is quite interesting. Listen let me let me start this Nintendo points out the uptight pies. We've reached it. Accounts on into switch console can live on one shed island not to four residents of what Armin Compla- Symbol Tiny Soman council if you buy them across new horizon and once somewhere else somewhere else to play on that game on their oil and you have to buy a copy of the game I mean. It seems really counterintuitive to do this. We've tender so it doesn't make any sense and I kinda get this idea that you you want to be able to play in the same. Shed Universe you know. It's not bloody awful. It's not you know the cinematic universe. It's a fricking game. It's animal causing. I'm and I I think I got limited opinions on this because I haven't played a previous animal crossing and to me. That's probably WHOA is going to hamper fail because largely I'm a little bit against this if I have a switch the great thing I love about my switch essay if I'm doing Speed running in Pok Mon ly can have on one account. I can have my main game. I I could have my speed running account count on another or I could do you speed running count on one and then another one you can have a challenge on and the idea is for me a of I've got multiple uses. I can play these these games on multiple user accounts. And that's the whole point. That's why I love switch with us. Not The only reason I love unintended. Switch money tennis which is probably my most play console. But it's things like that the freedom that the switch gives you to play the same game on different accounts and do different challenges and this that and the other Mike Sense you can have multiple rich and this just feels like Nintendo. I don't know I don't I don't know and I'm GONNA do. Is this week. Twitter question is Debbie about this. I want to know how people feel about. They say one thing. That Nintendo have confirmed. And I'd love to know your opinions. Your thoughts due to the fact of my limited knowledge on Animal Corsian elmo causing on March twentieth as the first game I will get this year. I haven't I haven't bought any gains recently at all since last year. So of course it will be the first I game I pick up and I WANNA understand. I want us to end what the hype is all about animal crossing but secondly I want to understand this and is it something that is actually really bad for the game or is it something that actually makes a lot sense so let me know wait for the twitter poll to go up much at that. You can give me your opinions and I will be answering this week's twitter poll very shortly we shall stick with team Red Fennell and I wanNA talk about this off. Offer Taylor life and it all goes on down to this year. We should see the playstation five an xbox series one x release as going to be the big thing of two thousand twenty. The new consuls butts the boys in Reds Pinto ten zero has quotes no plans to release a new switch model this year despite ongoing rumors about a pro model switch Rodman some point the tender hasn't said anything about it and if it does exist though don't expect to release anytime soon during the law the company's financial results briefing today intendo President Catarrhal economy pronounce. It and I'm going to try. said there were no plans to release to launch new switch model in two thousand twenty regarding the Nintendo switch. We believe that is important to continue to communicate the appeal of both into the switch systems and expand the the installed base. Please note that we have no plans to launch. New knows which moral during two thousand twenty is explained by Nintendo President Nintendo said focus on its pale of existing lines which systems is included original model and the light model which launched in September last ZSA. INTENDO does not believe it has maxed out the south of existing models with the following chart illustrating the monarch boost across all regions. That switch like was released. I I completely agree. I don't see the point of a new switch at this point in time if I've said this long Often about the current Orrin Model I have one of the first generation of picks which is my son has the they did an update at one with Saudi battery and stuff stuff so for me. It doesn't make a lot sense to me that we're going to see a new switch. I don't see the need for new switch developers. I know what they're getting with his hardware and they can develop beautifully fleshed out gains. Let's take Louise mentioned three. which yet the play Tracking cost eleven which was poured over breath wilds. You know all these Games they released. Mario Mario uh-huh Odyssey American maker to so many games when he does on vividly for specifically for the switch they prove that they can make games on the console. The absolute absolutely blow other games out the water and then you look at ports do do more tunnels come in Wolfenstein to name a few. There's some of the big ones Iram the biggest pro poor though which are bloody three on switch and it makes you sit there. Stand up to know that this this little handhelds Silver Hill. Actually actually competes wave. It's a playstation and xbox counterparts knocks the socks off them. It's complete range of what it can do. Don't get me wrong you won't get the fanciest graphics this then you look. You mentioned three. And it's probably the most beautiful gangs released in two thousand nineteen so I mean. It just seems read again. counterintuitive Code Nintendo counterintuitive twice in two different if an articles that to release a new switch when this current switch is still doing so well. The switch lie made sense are nice way of people getting in to the switch you know and using it as its complete hand-held basically you know throwing the three three D. S. overboard and saying that's enough even though they do kind of supports it. I don't think we'll see a new switch probably for another couple years. I genuinely think that maybe breath the wall to releases that will probably be the end of this switches line. anelle bring a pro model out. We'll see that you never know what what gets Nintendo. A nintendo directs. Apparently is one reason for this month on a mic. Drop some kind of Roma auto things though. I think he obey. All guns are organs guns going with this switch which makes me happy. Means I'M GONNA spend any money on a new body.

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