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Because it's it's kinda complicated there was a professor at cambridge who ran a survey on facebook and got about two hundred seventy thousand facebook users to take this personality survey he said he was doing it for academic research because of the rules that facebook had in place at that time that allowed him to get the profiles of those people's friends that leverage them up to about fifty million facebook users he then sold that data to cambridge analytica cambridge analytica had major persons in it that we've all heard of like steve bannon and robert mercer they used that data for political purposes now there's violations all down the line because this data was taken originally under the pretense of academic use and then as used them used for political then cambridge apparently told facebook that they had deleted the data but they really hadn't deleted it meanwhile we now see undercover videos that were made of cambridge analytica top executives and their ceo by the way was suspended by the company just today talking about dirty tricks and sexual honeypots claiming that they're responsible for getting donald trump into office and there's no proof at this point that the trump campaign actually used any of this facebook data but facebook i knew about this some time back and didn't inform users so there's blame all around facebook for letting the state go out in the first place cambridge analytica for misusing it it's just a terrible thing and and frankly you know how i felt about facebook for a long time i i really am not happy about their whole business model because i think it's very very manipulative of users that's why i'm not on facebook and it this is a real terrible crisis for the company now of course cambridge analytic isn't a lot of trouble to both of these companies are being looked at by regulators on both on both sides of the ocean at the u k d the facebook wanted to do an audit and then they got the regulators you said you can't do an audit at cambridge analytica because the is going to be doing it at facebook really doesn't know how to respond my advice has been kind of what it's been.

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