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Collective will on the other team. Absolutely. This team is good. All right last question. Last question before we let you go. Do you have enough layers? Are you good Christie? How long have you known me? How long have I been do never always feel like you've never have enough on? I don't know every time. I see you on the sideline I feel like it's not. And you don't look bothered by it either. And that activates me. Here's here's the key. If you're just handing their keep move. I think I got caught in and all the time I've done this maybe McCaw once or twice. But no, I got I've got a bag with all my my warm stuff and I'll change into it right before. I go down got the wool socks, and the key is my scarf. He thinks because he's a Packers fan that he inherits like, you know, like someone at Dick's scared of people from Wisconsin. Yes. Inherited. But when you buy you purchase. Owner not just a fan. He's an owner, Jerry. That's right. Well, we hate to cut you off. But where did you get the stock? It comes with. Oh, there you go. Yeah. Well, we hate to cut you off at my mom just brought by the the most enormous bowl of homemade caramel corn that you've ever seen. So no fence or that, we're we're gonna take. All right. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. We got more coming up including hearing from the headman Mark stoops that's on the other side. And the Don Franklin auto countdown to kickoff show on the UK sports network. The I'm Paul Karen with Paul care mortgage. So you wanna get a loan on the internet? Well, what happens if the closing gets canceled who are you gonna.

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