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Well sixteen minutes was unbelievable all if you didn't see that that arms around him is pretty amazing yeah but with wes world julio i thing that you can watch the show and just cover your i i don't mind you during the of pay i mean i just he won the bowed i kind of gives you go i felt like i didn't get enough out of it to cover man with okay okay now are right but his it's a slow bird of the show i'm not going to okay you know because i've never watched the wire spry could go back and started beginning the way or any try to go watch the fall the season one great okay and so i'm like i get needed to you know come also i get that i me okay but i really i have a problem with that nights there's a lot of i love violence imagine a lotta a lot of moves and but i do worry i mean i like that that's good you like i like to i'm liking divorce and i haven't watched him secure have either of you know i have i love it deal are again i'm going to go untimely that'll be one okay either spain's that happen in the tb howl let's well let's just listener we're talking about she's talking with kelly right back kelly rivers has been marcus willis is staring and catch which films in la so he is not a home ten and this is the first and they've really been separated separated and he is president of the san diego padres in the facts tv show pat so he's doing that so here they're kind of talking.

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