President Trump, Kelly, Anthony Scaramucci discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Gen. Kelly in as Chief of Staff-Priebus Out, Did Priebus Really Resign?, Trump: GOP Should Have Approved Health Care


Well look i think by all standards rights previous had a terrible tenure chief of staff now they may not be entirely his fault because the chief of staff is only as strong as the authority the president bestows on them so if the president undermines the chief of staff ridicules in publicly and allow staffers go around them rights had no chance to succeed and so now there's a chance with are going to put fresh start here with general kelly but i was general kelly the incredibly concerned that the same problems that affected reince priebus are going to affect general kelly in the sense that anthony scaramucci who had certainly a colorful dino disastrous first week as mutations director still reports directly to the president dan savino who's a you know it had trouble with a wall in six months still reports directly the president the chief of staff has to be first among equals to make the white house run in its trump is not give general kelly that authority we're gonna be right back where we were six or seven months on the same spot april wolf blitzer pressed prediced as to why the president wanted a change let's listen to how he answered that i'm not going to get into that personal stuff the president is a professional and i'm a professional and professional people don't discuss private conversations in public but what i will tell you is this president has american the hearts of all americans at the top of his mind at all times he wants to do what's right for the american people and i think making changes in the white house's common but i also think that they can be very important and i think that this is a good appointment for the white house and i think the general we'll do a great job apl your reaction to that answer.

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