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Minute. Brought to you by Ijaz. This is the best of Chad Benson. Independent in thoughts and punk rock in life. It's the Chad Benson show. The path is going to be through all of the states that are the fifty states of the United States. The path is going to be talking to people who are right now aware that economy is not working for working people. It's going to be about talking with people about the fact that right now, we have an administration waged a full on assault on American values and American ideals that right there is Kamala Harris, she is going to she announce yesterday she can be running for president United States. And she is one you get your people over the coming weeks and months, we're gonna throw their hats into the rings and some of them like I said, they're throwing their hat into the ring because it'll raise their profile a little bit may get him a book deal. They'll be able to say there in Fresno United States, which you get more money when they go give speeches, but they have no shot of winning. They're trying to raise their profile. She actually has a chance. She does and. Again. You think this is early? But it's not they've got a they've got a gauntlet much like the Republicans have. They have a gauntlet that they're going to have to try to work their way through and navigate for the coming weeks and months to get to the point where they they narrow it down to three or four that will then really get serious serious. And if you remember what happened during the Republicans when they all started saying, okay, I'm running for president. You went to you got to the point where there were so many they're having to and you you you had a like a big kids table, and then the small kids table, and you didn't want to be on the little stage. You wanted to be on the big states. That's what's going to happen here that is who is she. Well, former prosecutor. She's been successful. Senator. She's got name recognition that is growing. She's interesting. She's having. But here's the thing. Even the laugh is already attacking or some people saying she's not black enough because her mom's Tamil, right? So wait a minute not black enough. She was a prosecutor. She cited too many times of police officers. She doesn't understand the plight of people of color when it comes to the to the system that is the criminal Justice system. She doesn't understand that. And she was good at her job. She she has the potential I think to be a force. In the coming election. And in a lot of people that my my big issue with with a lot of people is on on on the left side of the aisle is when you're choosing. Are you choosing for New York and LA? Seattle. In boston. And you're forgetting the rest of the country that there is Democrats across the country in the center who while Democrats. Yeah. Have a by their name when they vote they are that same working person. They always talk about, but they are going to church kind of Democrats. They are. Second amendment Democrats. They're not Berkeley LA Manhattan, kind of Democrats. It is going to be about speaking truth, especially when there has been so much that is contrary to truth. It is going to be about working to regain regain the trust of Americans and understanding that they have a right to have a government and to have leaders in this country who see them and care about them and have some curiosity about their circumstance in life and their needs via for their family their neighborhood or their community or their country. We'll see. We'll see her tax plan what she's rolling out what she's going to Ron is interesting. It's a three trillion dollars tax plan billions in tax credits for low income renters Medicare for all. Reduction in cash bail for inmates charged with criminal offenses. She's running on something a little bit different. When it comes to the healthcare. She's trying to she's she's pushing out to programs a program, which would be Medicare for all. Which even the the the the organizations that have looked at this. From whether it's Bernie Sanders plan to everybody else's who's thrown out a plan like this. They're like, look, even even the best estimate is. Insane. Twenty trillion thirty trillion so, but she's also rolling out a tax credit plan where you would take what would you get tax credits? So they give you three or six thousand dollars a year as a credit, and you're supposed to spend that on premiums and things of that nature. I don't know how that's going to roll out, but it's a different thing. And that's a c saying look she's coming to the table with different things. How good is she going to be? I think she's going to be again. I think she's going to be a force. For sure. But right now, even the left is taking shots at her. Because maybe just maybe she's not progressive enough. And and the fact that she did her job. So well as a prosecutor, and she's got to apologize for that is the insanity. Of what some of these people out there. The the the the coast. How they view things. You've got to apologize. Three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You can tweet at us. Love hearing from you. I just I look at this. I look at the things that are going on. And look where we're headed. As a country. What does it even mean to be an American anymore? Have we have we sorted that out because I think that's also one of the thing is everybody's trying to define. What it means to be an American. They scream diversity scream this that and the other. I think we had what it meant to be an American. But I think that's been changed. And I don't think we should change. What that is. I love diversity when it's real. And organic not forced. I love the fact that in this country, you may not start out with a silver spoon. A plastic spoon or smoked at all. But you can still get where you're going, and it may be harder for some. Then it is others. But I think we're even trying to change what that is. And I think the far far far far far far far left, which seems to have quite a voice. Is really starting to paint that picture and. The more that they have a voice the more that they get covered the more that people talk about them. The more that I think this shapes up, especially in two thousand twenty to be.

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