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I mean. Look i was. I was looking forward to it. You know a lot this weekend. And i must say my. I did like the when tatham a little bit. When i saw the lineup. Because you know. I wanted us to attack this final and i think this i have to say it and obviously you know gareth southgate deserves a lot of credit for. Everything's done in this tournament. Justice thomas to cool deserves a lot of credit for what he's done at chelsea but it is offered in this age of football where he played to holding midfielders and five defenders. And it's a very tough way with all of england's attacking talent and all about bench so many forward thinking players which just relying on defendants who are not as good. You know. Certainly in the middle that not as good. Football as as italy's defenders are in the same position. They can't do as many things. And so i must say. I had a little sigh. Am i knew why gareth southgate did it. Because he feels like italy or better footballing side and so he wants to. He wants to be defensive. And that's how he's got his team to this place. But i must say i was a little Deflected before keiko. Yeah have to say we very quickly. You know i still in the movement. I saw gareth. Southgate wants to be second guessed by all the pundits one less time. They're all time. Say but the thing. Before kick-off. I couldn't stop thinking about was what veracity said about how this final would be one in the mind. That was his co. that stuck with me. I think that the team that plays a that is free will gain the upper hand. And how that came to prosper. We didn't know from the beginning. There ultimately england. My lord started. Actually it was a nervy store in the first minute yack y. Giving away that corner awkwardly. But my god when they go that composure. David what a moment hurricane on the half. Turn so lease these my homes role in the pocket and he pushed the bull full. It's you just felt the energy of wembley crackle alive. What did you say yeah. It was one of the only times where it's legal colt out all to four all too often from a set-piece luke. She started off the move with some amazing football on you know from his sort of left wing back role started the moves the bull to kane kane literally offing midfield literally pointing to kane is like that doing. It's like those guys you work at the airport steering planes. In showing him where to put the ball he puts the wolves of tripura shores and cooling for the ball. I think italy. Italy don't understand like regular western hand signals. They only know neopolitan hand gestures. They don't understand what's happening to bowl is going there to trip is gonna hit it backpost to loot sure. Who does he has really done. At almost any level of football he just schools an unbelievable goal. Hopefully inside the near. Post of don aruba donna room a one nil to england on that go at did love kyle walker. Just giving it business to get around. Trippy polit- offender away creating more space for the cross. Yes tripura stunning. Bully league joel. The roy did. Luke shore marinas personal. Wreak lucho storm dead slapped her home thick boy summer and i will say in that moment. My god gareth. Southgate's i mean. Looks like a genius. One fullback finding the other full-back half the play. Five across the back. I mean that was a wembley rule that could be heard by the brunson up in space. It was just a nation t shirts off an incredible moment. We've got to witless together. Lord shore bishops shington being knighted whoever the hell a day and it just fell fell absolutely joined almost but they've how'd you say too early in italian is al how you say then say is that what you said. Think i don't think al dente. But i'll look it up but i'll let you know. Is that what you said is. How did you talk immediately. Started moaning about the semi final against croatia. Show that it was too early. Did you feel out. What did it feel. Winging in doc so depressing commentating on england. He literally full sole being a goal. He's us. I blame him for the entire thing. I think that it was you know. Look what england had to do in that tree. Man defense and wide lineup. They had to do that at the point that the bulletin over they had to break fast up field. I think for a lot of reasons which will discuss england. Never were able to break up field again in the entire match off. The italy turnover. Because it's we're gonna possess the bull so much more and it ended up just being you know. Look both of these teams are very difficult score against and getting a one the lead look. We'll talk about later but italy schools fairly fortunate goal to get back into the game. They were the better team without any doubt. But these both of these teams are very difficult to score. We will get that those. Ab tweeted us. a guy. Just walk into our ball and shouted sock is coming home. We had said correct him. I in this movement italy rattle and the korea strengths midfield eugenia veracity. Baramulla tried to take control of the game but every time they push forward in the first twenty minutes. England looks to overwhelm them on the counter. Just alexa minute so hurting them so badly. Msn in those early exchanges. I loves to attack. The defending not saying genitally just looked absolutely off kilter. Yeah england new. They've only conceded once five clean sheets before this tournament and for that first half merge that first half england dominated even when they had the ball endanger spaces yet phillips spouses english sonia declaration snapping with ferocity. Yeah and that decision make was so one italian harried. It was rushed. It was calibrated chick. One run and a post grazer of a show burr. Mike god england looked in control of the gates at one point looked at my notes i wrote decked on rice looks like the best footballer on the park he was just he was superb. Troppo presto is too early in italian. Roach trump will best blessed though. So i did think that the wrath and this this was became an issue and i think this is to some extent reaction of what happened in the demo game. The ref was not calling anything he was letting them play a lot of people in simple myself included quite like. Let them play football. He wasn't letting easy fouls go. So when england were regaining possession and there was a little a little foul a little bit of contact. He wasn't calling it. And so i think the italians reacted that very fast and realized that they weren't going to let england get on top of them because they were just like stop the contact pretty early on in england when they did have the war acted out first half shalini baluchi to giants two hundred nineteen caps between them combined. Age of seventy i mean razz k mount buzzed around the lilo cigarette. Boats around huge oil tankers. And mike what we can say is tactically. This game was euro twenty twenty at its apex z. Italians place there well together with sandwich. Collective spirit. They almost sold problems. I could club and they did eventually find. Their rhythm is so hard to do what he did. Which is to find a rhythm in the international game and they they really did somewhere around the the final third at first half whatever that is mathematically they did they did start taking up a hand. England really finished the the second the first off by sitting deep and just daring them onto the england. They'd look unruffled and that. I hope it was an omen. Estados estados really. It was really an ominous open. I totally agree. It was ominous. Because england's three attacking players raheem sterling hurricane particularly mason mount adjust on defensive duty the entire time that the further the england. Sit back there just defending and so there are no position and so ingram was starting the end of the first half certainly the beginning of the second half they were just clearing to nothing clearing to no one willing to be agreed you saw. The italians came out from that locker room at halftime a plan with an idea with a recommitment in england just in more of the same..

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