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Business cards today. He's focused on the Asian American Pacific islander vote there about ten percent of the state and like the country. They're the fastest growing nation. But in this community, the turnout is historically low and in the mid term election voter turnout, especially low across the board. We've got to turn out voters. And if we turn out the voters that we've identified we're gonna win. Up and down the ticket. If we don't we're gonna suffer the ramifications of that select says, that's the biggest challenge Nevada is a purple state that buck the swing state trend in the two thousand sixteen election largely due to Latino voters organized by the state's strongest labor union, the culinary union Nevada chose Hillary Clinton. Democrats flip the state legislature and delivered the first Latina Senator to congress, Catherine Cortez masto. It's the model says Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He's in Nevada for the day campaigning, the Democratic Party nationally. Needs to emulate what Nevada has been doing since the beginning of two thousand fifteen which is organizing early organizing everywhere making sure that we have a twelve month party where we're talking to people he points to the voting flyers at every checkout counter the Asian grocery store in early voting site. He says attention to details. Like that is what's important. Yeah. The DNC had a faith based approach to midterm elections. Now, we'd prayed at the candidates would win, but we didn't do much else. Peres says he thinks Democrats will flip anywhere from eight to a dozen governor seats this election, the popular Republican incumbent Nevada. Brian Sandoval is barred from running because of term limits so Cecil like has a chance against his Republican opponent, Adam lack salt, the current attorney general I reached out to lack salts campaign for this story too. But no one responded now something is shifting this year with voter turnout was higher than usual during the primaries. And in the first days of early voting and the race is really a toss up. According to polls, John Rawson is the editor of the Nevada. Independent ended expert on politics, we meet at a coffee shop in Nevada electorate reflects the nation's electorate very polarized to lower turnout election. So it's tribalism Republicans are going to vote for the Republican the Democrats are gonna vote for the democrat like the country, Nevada votes. Mostly democrat. In urban areas, and it votes Republican in rural areas so Rawson says whoever can turn out their voters will win the governorship. That's how Adam lack salt one four years ago for for attorney general he's the only candidate in modern Nevada history to have lost both the urban areas and still wanna statewide race back at the grocery store democratic candidate Steve lack wraps up his visit the people he meets with Lexus of Las Vegas is transient character. Some are recent arrivals or visitors who can't vote in Nevada. Others are conservatives who shakes his hand in later. Tell me they're not voting for him. And then there's Lori. Marijuana. She registered in two thousand sixteen to vote to legalize marijuana. She thought the money that came from it will go to her kids schools, so far she says that hasn't happened whereas going how are we going to fix the school? I started my my daughter had to sit on the floor because we're not that's for the kids chill vote for the person who will improve her three children's education funding. NPR news whilst dangerous..

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