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I feel like FC. Cincinnati is just forever going to be the like younger brother and mls raids, just like really really trying, but just keep stepping in. Where can we find you on long? Well Most of the time you can find me on instagram twitter. That's so mls, admittedly a little quiet these days, but I promise reengage with those avenues. Where can we find you? Hey, pull! Oh okay! I have music I I recorded an album in a single day because I got really. That was only like a month one. You can find my music on band camp. The name is o royal a Y., O., R. O., Y., O. K., O. keeping it easy for you. It's good I downloaded i. Blasted on my deck. Thanks eating breakfast. You could find the online at teammates. WWW DOT team. HYPHEN BATES DOT COM. You can find this podcast online. Please review in subscribe. Yeah and we'll. We'll keep going Obviously, we're on a somewhat. Flexible, schedule shall we say bridge schedule. Of When their stuff to talk about, and when we can pull both pull ourselves of the void at the same time, so we're. We're trying here, but as with all of you. To Day is how we're taking things. Say. Where your mask. Don't get center. You're listening to the heartland news feed radio network at live dot heartland.

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