President Trump, Toyota, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on Ben Ferguson


Any in Pittsburgh, two funerals were held today. The remainder of funerals for the victims will be health around the week. President Trump considering ending the policy where children born in the US parents who are illegal immigrants are automatically citizens. Democrats slamming the plan Democrats accused the president of manufacturing an issue in the final hours to deflect from what voters really care about healthcare. In a statement. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, saying the president does not have the power to erase parts of the constitution. Clearly, Republicans will do absolutely anything to divert attention away from their votes to take away Americans healthcare. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham seemed to agree it would take a constitutional amendment and said he'd introduced legislation to do it. Fox's John Roberts at the White House. House speaker Paul Ryan says the president does not have the power to end birthright citizenship with an executive order. Authorities in rural southeast Georgia investigating after three people are found dead in home in Charlton county. This is Fox News. Traffic coming from the wolf chase Toyota studio wolf chase Toyota once again, Memphis is number one volume store. Good evening right now. We have a wreck on eastbound forty just east of get well stick with American way as your alternate route. We have a wreck on southbound Germantown Parkway near wolf river else. Working hickory hill at mount Bryan waiting for records on poplar at Ridgeway. And we still have delay due to an earlier crash on eastbound forty west of sycamore view, which are fake. New.

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