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Dan campbell boys and girls. We're talking absolute insane. Amounts of caffeine from dan campbell here Can't be good for you at all. Don't know how long dudes hard is going to make it at this rate but whatever works. I suppose. Do not try this. You know this is not something for the faint of heart here. Like i said clearly. This is not a healthy way to live your life but if it works for dan campbell. I guess that's all that matters here. Especially if he's able to win games for the detroit lions as well now switching gears just a little bit and talking about the worst sports stories of the week. talked depth on tuesday about the passing of bobby bowden longtime florida state. Head coach to me that was far and away. Basically the worst sports story of the week. bobby bowden is an icon. He is a legend in terms of the sport of college football and the fact that he passed away a believe. It was early sunday morning. Just a rough loss for every one who has been watching college football over the past fifteen to twenty years if not more than that amid seeing as he started at florida state in i think it was nineteen seventy six. Maybe so we're talking. If you've watched college football over the past basically five decades you are fully aware of who. Bobby bowden is and him passing away at the age of ninety one truly a tough loss for anyone involved in the sport of college. Football there Other just terrible sports stories. This week the nfl talked about this as well earlier in the show today. Coming out of cracking down on taunting. This is just proof that the nfl has no idea who or what it is in the sense of the nfl is an entertainment venture always has been fans. Make the nfl go round. That hasn't changed. It's never going to change as a professional sports league. If fans do not tune in you don't have a leak and the nfl deciding that they want. Crackdown on taunting. Basically what they're saying is we don't want a motion in our sport. We don't want trash talk. We don't want verbal altercations. We don't want hand gestures or anything else that's part of what makes these athletes these athletes this. What makes them unique and win. The nfl comes out basically deciding. They want to cut down on that. I think that's going to end up having a Very negative impact for a lot of people in how they view the nfl. it's already been going downhill the. Nfl is already viewed as the no fun league in the first place and it's not going to get better with this decision so this is just a terrible move from the nfl Hopefully the referees involved decide not to really enforce this seeing as they are the ones who are going to get the final say as to whether they throw flags or not. hopefully they don't. Because like i said the nfl. It shouldn't stand for the no fun league. No matter how hard they try to just let that reputation stand Also valparaiso university changed their name for those of you who weren't aware four. Virtually all of eternity valparaiso university has been known as the crusaders and they decided that they were going to rid themselves of that nickname last year of leave. It was late last year because of the fact that With the social justice push that got started last year that now continues on. They decided that determine crusaders was basically tied into too many hate groups and that's the reason they decided to rid themselves of the name now before i go any further with this. There are a lot of names that you can drop for a lot of different reasons. Crusaders isn't one of them. I'm sorry it's just not. I'm sorry if you're getting offended in any form by the term crusader. The problem isn't with valparaiso university. The problem is with you. Quit being offended by random words that are not offensive in any for like i said the cleveland indians changing their name that once potentially legitimate. I'm not a huge fan of changing names at all. But if you're going to. I guess indians redskins all of these. You can at least make an argument for the crusaders. No like what are we doing. And what makes this. Worse is valparaiso announced this week. What they were changing their name to and they will now be known as the valparaiso beacons basically a beacon of light which i'm not opposed to the name. I'm opposed to the name change because it's ridiculous but as far as it goes. I'm okay with the name that they decided to choose. That's fine. the problem is the logo. They also released the logo when they announced the new name. And it's a lighthouse okay. That doesn't seem like it's newsworthy. That doesn't seem like it's problematic. It's a beacon. It's a lighthouse beacon of light. I'm okay with this until you realize that. Valparaiso university is an indiana. How many lighthouses do you think there are in indiana. I make it make sense like if you want to be known as the beacons. That's fine if you're talking beacons of light. I'm okay but then when you decide to come out and your logo is basically a lighthouse. Truly how many lighthouses are there in the state of indiana. How many people that attend valparaiso university or fully aware of what lighthouses are. This is absurd so valparaiso. It was a bad move in the first place. You picked it okay name when you've decided to go with ridiculous move of changing the initial name but the logo. You gotta fix the logo. Because it can't be a lighthouse when you're located in indiana just can't be a thing. And lastly dennis schroder the point guard. Backup point guard from the los angeles lakers Costing himself millions upon millions of dollars with the move that he just made for those of you. Who don't know what i'm talking about. Dennis schreuder Got signed by the boston celtics on a one year. At least it's five point. Four or five point. Nine million dollar deal with boston. Which i think. That's underpaying schroeder. Just a little bit. He averaged fifteen six and four. Maybe last year decent numbers My answer would be somewhere in the hindu. Eleven range that i would give shooter well. Deep problem is that the reason he just signed for millions less than he should've is that the los angeles lakers offered him a four year. Deal for eighty four million dollars earlier this year back in march or april up. Leave it was that. La offered him a deal and he actually turned the deal down because he wanted. Word is roughly twenty five million range. He wanted four for a hundred. I don't know who he thought was giving him four for one hundred but it wasn't going to beat the lakers and the other side of this is he is now cost himself. What roughly seventy eight million dollars with this move. This guy's agent has to be fired. Because i'm assuming it has to be as agent. Who was in his ear telling him. You can make more than this. Turn down the eighty four mill. And now he signed for less than six. This guy's agent cannot be his agent anymore because this should be borderline criminal. What just happened to finish. Ruder i am perfectly fine with betting on yourself with believing in yourself.

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