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Of the holiday surge now in terms of infections, but we're not yet seeing it in hospitalizations and deaths. At this port in Jakarta, Indonesia. Search teams shipped through wreckage pulled from the sea after yesterday's crash of a Boeing passenger jet shortly after takeoff, officials say they've located the black box is recovered. Some human remains no word on the cause of the crash. You're listening to ABC News. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Apparently youtuber Jeffery Starr is not the reason for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West separation. The beauty Influencer said rumors he was having an affair with West where the dumbest thing he's ever heard in his life star who currently lives in Casper, Wyoming, was rumored to be having a relationship with West who also lives in a ranch in that state. Govan 19 vaccinations are now being given to Sacramento area firefighters and paramedics. The expansion of the Phase one a category is part of the program to vaccinate three million out risk workers and residents in the state. The police union is demanding Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Stern. A resigned from his position. The Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association issued a statement about a Facebook post Vice Erna on January 3rd Sterner wrote that anyone he knows who supports President Trump instead to him. The union says if he doesn't resign, they want the board of Supervisors to remove him. I'm Jodi Guerrero. Sacramento traffic traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Traffic is moving nicely around the Sacramento Valley. Just some dense fog. There's an advisory in Sacramento Highway five at Highway 50. And in Stockton east bound for the crosstown Freeway between five and highway 99 that is closed until tomorrow at 5 A.m. night. You can use either highway 12 or 1 20 as an alternate route to get from here to there. I'm Lori. Satyrs News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather in the wake of some far this morning of Hartley Sunny day ahead today I said 55 59.

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